78 puch free spirit + 16mm dellorto carb

quick question, i was thinking of upgrading carb for my free spirit, but how much generally does this carb increase speed too ( 16mm dellorto party pack)?, right now, it will not go past 26mph with me on it (i'm about 240lbs) -or would just getting a new muffler do more, lastly doing both (without changing and sprockets or the stock engine)

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Re: 78 puch free spirit + 16mm dellorto carb

and another stupid question, i have taken apart my bing carb, but never really played around with the jet and float, do i have to strip the whole thing down to change out a jet?

Re: 78 puch free spirit + 16mm dellorto carb

No, all you have to do is unscrew the bowl on the bottom to get to the jet. While you're there, look at what number is engraved on the jet. Do a plug chop to see what your mixture is like, and if it's too rich, downjet appropriately. A properly tuned carb will help a LOT.

Re: 78 puch free spirit + 16mm dellorto carb

The Gordon's Fisherman /

Both of these options in conjunction will yield the best results. Helping the motor breath all around is a good idea, though the single most beneficial part would be an expansion chamber exhaust.

these mods and engine life

how much does it effect the engine life, out of curiosity?

Re: these mods and engine life

The Gordon's Fisherman /

As you can expect a hopped up motor is going to most likely wear faster but its a moped, your already fixing things left and right. I dont think it would be anything that you could really notice. As long as the bike is running strong now you should be alright.

Re: these mods and engine life

carb wont do any good. 16 sha is too big for stock puch cylinder without extreme porting. try for 14mm bing and intake. someones gotta have em lying around.

Re: these mods and engine life

Ive had great success with this setup on a stock cylinder that was not ported.

which muffler?

which muffler sounds good, the most bang for my buck?

proma gp ($75 + black)?, puch bullet(chrome)/boss (black) ($65)?, or homoet ($95+chrom)?

i want black one, but i would sacrifice vanity for power and performance.

and for graham, the 16 would fit, so everyone says?

Re: which muffler?

it fits but its a waste of time, imo. my bike is in the low forties right now with a 14mm bing, that is drilled out from 12. if you get your stock free spirit up there, then you might want to start looking around for a bigger carb. spend your money on the pipe, pull your head gasket, or go to a high comp head, and 14mm bing carb and square intake manifold. that will get you in the 35+ ballpark. also make sure your bike is properly tuned and has good compression.

off hand. how much compression?

if i test it, what should it be at?

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