Batavus Go Go Tuning

Hi first off I will welcome myself around here. Hello all nice to meet you.

I have the opportunity of buying a 1974 Batavus Go Go in really good condition, and it's MOT'd!

My question to the partons of this section is have any of you ever owned one, and how would you squeeze a bit more speed out of it. Let me explain.

I have been informed by the owner that it will do a max of about 26mph, ideally I need a happy 30 or very happy 35mph. Do you know of any restrictions on this moped? The bike is in really good condition so i'm not sure how much a carb, muffler, air filter clean will help. Any ideas? I know this topic is not ideal me not having ridden the bike or having any pictures available.

Any answer will help.


Re: Batavus Go Go Tuning

Do a search. The quick version: there are no kits for them, if you want a bigger carb you need to make the intake and BiTurbo pipes can be welded to fit. And mill down the head for more torque. The End.

Re: Batavus Go Go Tuning

WELCOME! buy it. it will make your life worth living.


Re: Batavus Go Go Tuning

gotta be smart to tune batavus, no easy slap on shit.

Re: Batavus Go Go Tuning

grind a peugeot 65cc kit and add a custom 4mm base plate. that is the only kit option. then you need to upgrade your carb/intake manifold on top of that to 16mm and higher. lots of work but it is possible. but not worth the money or effort.

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