Exhaust gasket material

I am adapting a pipe to a morini engine and have found the aftermarket puch gasket to have a header diameter opening which is too big, cutting into needed gasket surface area. I was wondering what would be a suitable material for a custom gasket so that I can make exactly what I need. Should I just go to a motorcycle shop or can I use real thin ply plywood or something like that?

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I found some nice metal impregnated ceramic stuff at napa. It looks like tan cardboard and aluminum sandwich . They did have to order it.it comes in like a 12 by like 28 piece. I guess so people can make exhaust header gaskets from it.I cut it with sharp scissors as best I can, or use a jigsaw, or scroll saw(that does the cleanest cut) and a old bullet casing to punch the holes. It was around 10 to 12 dollars for the piece, and I have enough material that I will never ever have to buy another exhaust gasket again.

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I found Merit part # 9245 or Walker #31530 has plenty of material to make a few gaskets. Just be careful when cutting it, You can get cut from the material quite easily.

I think NAPA carries Walker brand.


Re: Exhaust gasket material

sensor safe high temperature rtv works if you are developing because it doesnt last long but it will save you from making a zillion gaskets if you are experimenting.

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Thanks for the responses folks. Idk about the rtv for this application wari, because the mating surface isn't dead flat (thought I'm going to fix that as best I can without getting on the mill) I'll hit up the local advanced auto and see what they have that I might be able to use. I'll have a Bianchi build post and throw pics in that later, sometime around the end of this week...

Re: Exhaust gasket material

good info, thanks!

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