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well, seems i can't make up my mind, so i need a bit of input. i was using a Bing high flow on my 21mm PHGB. i cut it and modified so it would clamp on to the carb. i liked it because it was a bit 'stealthy' but seemed small (although i could easily breath thru it) not opposed to a UNI either, just wanted to see what the consensus is. here is a pic of the filter i modded

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Re: hi flow air filter q

The Gordon's Fisherman /

Whats the question?

Re: hi flow air filter q

basically, i cut off the 'accordian' part of the rubber, leaving the first 3/4 of an inch or so sticking out of the filter, then took an X-ACTO to the inside and removed any rubber 'flash' from it. it clamps on to the throat just fine

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i guess the question is, what are people running and how do they like what they have....pros/cons

Re: hi flow air filter q

Before I cut that rubber piece of throttle response was terrible as well as low end pull but it would have a higher top speed. When I removed the rubber piece throttle response improved and low end was great, but, top speed was reduced. I don't know why

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Re: hi flow air filter q

I use pantyhose in the stock magnum air filter housing. I like it.

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