Foxi Jetting

So I got my 70cc athena kit a few days ago and I put it on but the only extra jet I had was an 88. It ran way to rich with the 88 so I want to order some jets. Im running a bullet and a 14mm bing carb with a uni filter. Before I got the kit it ran perfect with a 70, any ideas on what size jets I should order ?

Re: Foxi Jetting

I'd just order a set of micro drills and drill it.

I hate guessing. (see post on jet drilling)

Re: Foxi Jetting

or just order a range of jets. You should usually change jets depending on the temperature anyways. I always have jets from about 62-104. It wouldnt make sense to go out and buy a wrench everytime you needed a certain size. Just get a set.

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