Change compression = adjust clutch?

I don't remember where I read it, but when you change compression noticeably, do you have to adjust your clutch?

I've been thinking about a high compression head to get some low end and a bit more top out of my Pinto. I've only currently got a Tecno Boss on it and it hits about 37. I just don't want to crack the case to adjust the clutch.

But how much change in compression is needed to adjust the clutch if adjusting is necissary? Because I've been thinking of either getting a flat milled head or just slightly milling another head.

Re: Change compression = adjust clutch?

You don't have to readjust your clutch when increasing compression.

Re: Change compression = adjust clutch?

an honest 37 is pretty fast... its not the taking the cover off the case thats so hard its the getting of the clutch off. adjusting it only makes you take off faster anyway, it also makes your clutch not last as long. I like the way higher compression feels.

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