Re: Is this Leo Vinci Pipe total SHIT?

Ben can you describe in more detail how your DiMoby is behaving?

Re: Is this Leo Vinci Pipe total SHIT?

The Cobra Sito pipe, which i have run, is from the leovince stock replacement line of exhausts. It is also a AV10 pipe, which means it will hit your center stand a bit, and drag on the ground, and you'll have to make a bracket to mount the back end. All in all, it's not better performing than stock and it does not fit the 50v well.

Have the folks at QC run one? Because you can take my word for it:

You may get some sweet air but you won't go faster.

The Doppler pipe won't do much for non kitted bikes. It's about the exhaust port timing, mostly. When you put a Doppler pipe together just don't use the restricted sleeve.

Re: Is this Leo Vinci Pipe total SHIT?

Yeah, sure, Mike -

First of all, I doubt anything is wrong with it since Chris (Mabecane) takes perfect care of his Mobys.

But, basically when I first hit the throttle it'll rev up pretty high without any response from the rear wheel....then it'll get going and rev down as the clutch kicks in. Then it'll rev back up pretty high as I get to 10mph, and then back down....almost as if it shifts into a higher gear.

It rips at 15-20 with a nice smoothe power band. Even with the stock pipe on there, I think if I were to push it, it would go 38-40 no sweat.

So, I runs great, but the clutch is definitely unlike anything I've ridden.

Re: Is this Leo Vinci Pipe total SHIT?

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

get a variator. even a stock one is nice.

in fact the stock ones can be made to do pretty impressive shit.

Re: Is this Leo Vinci Pipe total SHIT?

It sounds like it behaves the same as mine - I've got a smooth, cloth covered type belt and I think it's designed to slip a bit like that.

That way you don't get thrown off the back ;)

Did your bike come with a blunderbus exhaust or the little oval?

i used one on a cobra

it helped, but i really didn't feel like i got good bang for my buck

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