Garelli NOI are challenged

mentally challenged...

your bike is stock???

well only if you don't man or woman up and acquire this motha licka...

<a href="">;

are you crazy? it takes malossi's 4 petal phbg reed valve! no polini fin grinding! insane!

ultra very very limited quantities!

get yours before you cry yourself to sleep wishing you had.

garelli kits = hard to find = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

get 2.

impress your bros. get fancy.

treats domination.

Re: Garelli NOI are challenged

Who makes this and where would I find a replacement piston?

Re: Garelli NOI are challenged

Confuser - /

malossi kit.

replacement piston finding in progress.

Re: Garelli NOI are challenged


that shit is HOT.

Unfortunately I got a polini sitting next to me that will be installed on my baby soon. Or else this biatch would be mine in a heartbeat.

I swear to god someone better buy one of these and slap it on their garelli. There are wayyy to many nice garellis out there that are too slow. I wonder how these babys perform.

crazy. gotta love treats!

Re: Garelli NOI are challenged


you can expect to see me and AJ in california with fast-as-hell top tank garellis with these bad boys on them. (italian buffalo mahem)

Re: Garelli NOI are challenged

nice to hear Derek.

Re: Garelli NOI are challenged

Confuser - /

get to s.f.

we'll have a malossi-kitted-top-tank-garelli-battle of the peds.

so epic.

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