modifying a ZA50

1980 Puch Maxi W/ZA50. Since the motor needs a complete teardown/rebuild I am thinking about adding some performance. Can the transmission handle a big bore kit with all the trimmings; ie carb, intake, port matching, pipe?

Can you guys with "Bullit Proof" performance builds give me an idea of what you are running? Bore kit size/make, Carb size/make/jet#, and performance pipe. I'm wanting to make more top speed. This is my first attempt to work on a motor so I'm less inclined to go really big on the bore. I hear they require some crank case modification.

Re: modifying a ZA50

all these answers can be found by searching. ready go!

Re: modifying a ZA50

. . . though if people would be willing to put down what they're running on their z50's, and what the results have been (as has been done in the wiki for the e50's), i know i and a lot of other people would really appreciate it! no equivalent thread exists, as far as i've found.


Re: modifying a ZA50

pretty please!

Re: modifying a ZA50

this was just debated like a week ago

Re: modifying a ZA50

I just started working on my ZA50. I am new to mopeds, definitely not a tuner. I wanted more top end, but wanted a setup for an everyday rider. I consulted Nate and Zack Bandit who were very helpful. I'm now in the process of putting on a 65cc metrakit with a 50cc high comp head, Delorto 15.15, and an Estoril pipe. Hopefully more people will post, I'd like to see what other folks are working with

Re: modifying a ZA50

Im pretty sure Peabe had almost that same setup and it was nice and fast till it blew up.

Re: modifying a ZA50

my plans:

65cc metra

milled head

matched transfers, maybe some porting

19 mm dollerto

biturbo looking for homoet

rebuilding motor

possible gearing changes

I NEED NEW ZA BEARINGS. Who sells them?

Re: modifying a ZA50

Any idea what happened?

Re: modifying a ZA50

Thank you for sharing Jason. I hope your motor turns out quick, fast, and bullet proof.

Re: modifying a ZA50

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

i dunno puchs that much, but on a moby a 120-150 lb dude can hit 50mph on a 15mm carb.

carb is the last thing to increase IMO

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