i kinda ported

i took my kreidler and ported the transfer ports a bit and the intake and exhaust, but not the actually holes in the cylinder.

i noticed its harder to start, and it now goes about 4 mph faster. How the heck do you get to the ports on the inside?

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Re: i kinda ported

What I've heard is that you don't. The ends of the port on the cylinder side get left alone, too much risk of them catching a ring if they get messed up. If the cylinder bore is chromed it also could flake if you try to enlarge the port.

But I could be wrong.

Re: i kinda ported

success then, congrats!

you should plug chop if you haven't, and re-jet if necessary.

Re: i kinda ported

yeah you've increased air flow and now your engine breathes better, you'll probably need to upjet slightly to get best results

Re: i kinda ported

we all port the "holes" inside the cylinder all the time. thats how you do a port job. there are quite literally hundreds of threads on this many pages long. its totally possible, just takes some forknowledge and the right tools.

do a search on porting and port job. should be enlightening. also yeah, anytime you add performance to a 2 stroke its gonna need more fuel. do a plug chop to be safe or upjet and see if you 4stroke.

Re: i kinda ported

oh did i mention it has a 10 bing?

it has a 72 jet in it right now and its pretty much spot on.

Re: i kinda ported

The Gordon's Fisherman /

I would say that carb is really holding you back. If you were to step it up a bit you might see more of a difference.

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