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So.....is the 'legendary' AV10 engine on the Moby MBK 51 as well as the 51V?

If that's the case, then it doesn't seem too hard to get an engine from France.

Are these the rigth cases?

<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l142/bqeberle/ca68_1JPG.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>


<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l142/bqeberle/6ba6_1JPG.jpg" border="0" alt="Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

the hardest part about getting one is getting a frenchman nice enough to send it out of france. I think they have to go through a big hassle to ship internatinally, so many are reluctant to do it. Also if you have bad babelfish french, they sometimes just say no because your french sucks.

but yea. Canada had some av10's. I got your email too, ill reply later

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Cool. Thanks Matey.

Actually...I was just talking with Gabe and he said the Moby MBK51 DOES NOT use the same AV10 engine as the 51V.

Yet....It sure looks like the same damn thing...and there are a few ebay listings saying that they are.

Can anyone verify this for me?

Simply: Does the MBK51 use the AV10 engine.

Yes or no.

That's all I need to know.

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

only european 51's use em. The 51V in north america does NOT use the av10.

some MBK 51's made it to canada, in fact i got a reedvalve engine from someone in quebec. But for the most part you could be safe in assuming that no reed valve motobecane engines ever hit north american shores.

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Right.....I've already figured that out.

You're half answering my question:

Will the European MBK reed valve case, which is for the AV10, fit on the back end of an AV7.

That's all I'm asking.

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Re: AV10 engines -


I was reading from Matey's thread that you can swap the cases. The bearings, clutch, and crank all are interchangeable. The one pictured on the bottom (red case) is off a MBK with the AV10 in France.

What's the difference? Did they make TWO AV10 engines? One for France and one for everywhere else?

I find that awfully hard to believe......

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The cylinders don't match up, av10 is case inducted and av7 is piston port. Also av10 has 3 transfers instead of 2. Most of the bottom end can be swapped out though, the cranks and bearings are interchangeable EXCEPT that the thread on the flywheel side is reverse threaded on the av7. If you buy a av10 case and a kit or replacement cylinder you can mostly use the rest of the av7.

I am going through the process right now and there are tons of people in "le resistance" who are willing to help you out.

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mkelly is right too the hardest thing about getting these engines is dealing with the damn Frenchmen.

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Tom -


This is the definitive answer I've been looking for.

And...I thought it was obvious that I was going to buy a kit with matching ports...etc. But I guess a few folks didn't get that part.

All I care about is that if I get that red case fully stocked with the crank and bearings, that I'll be able to put it on my 40T mounts, bolt a slick Gilardoni to the front end, and a great set of reeds.

Cool. Thanks, Tom. You just made my day.

Oh....and I found this kid on the French Ebay who is pretty cool. He's looking into getting me a quote to ship this thing to California. But you're right....I can understand that most of the Frenchies don't want anything to do with American ped owners.

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If you use the crank from the red case just make sure you get a new nut, you can use all of your av7 electronics thought, I lucked out and got a motor with the cdi setup.

I'm in the same boat as you right now.

Just got this from France!

I also got a rigid frame to put it on. Going to be prety sweet.

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50cc bidalot kit?

Re: AV10 engines -

I know the head is but i'm not sure if the cylinder is, it is still somewhere between here and france. I have figure out how to get the damn thing started without a decompresser or a kick.

Re: AV10 engines -

it says bidalot right on the cylinder

Re: AV10 engines -

Yea I kind of figured that it was but like I said I don't have it and the pic isn't good enough to really tell. I have never looked at the pic of your bike before, I gotta say that it is a work of art.

Re: AV10 engines -

Wow - Tom.

That is a super score! I will definitely have to think about putting a CDI on my 40T. You simply can't argue with the power it has.

So....I'll email this kid in France and find out what he think shipping to Boston will be. Can't be that much extra....maybe 40.00? 50.00?

I'm definitely going to do this upon your advice.

Very cool.

Thanks again and good luck with your new AV10!

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

damn, you lucked out. bidalot kit AND ER3 variator.

although unless its a kickstart your gonna need to shell out 200-300 bucks for a clutch pulley.

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Well the problem is that there is no decompressor so unless i pedal fast enough to get the clutch to catch, I don't even think a startup clutch will work without a decompressor.

Re: AV10 engines -

Yeah.....the starting clutch is the only thing kind od holding me back, actually.

I'm going to have to put a variator on this thing (200.00), a new kit (190.00), new pipe (180.00), new carb (90.00), and then have to figure out how to get it to start.

I'm going to talk with Eric and Matey and see what they're doing. Eric has a slick pull starter on his Hobbit, and Matey has a kickstarter, which I kinda dig, actually.

Comes down to reliability for me. I want it to work at least 90% of the time (hell..it's a moped, right?).

Re: AV10 engines -

finally a few more av10's in the states, so far the only active bikes i know of are peters, maitlands, brets, eric elk..., shay, and my little yellow 40.

thats 6 so we don't get much support from the moped shops hehe and noone else on these forums will know much about them so there isn't info out there in english really.

a few tips:

You can start a bike that has the idle variator function without a kick starter if u jam the variator slightly closed so the belt rides above the idle bearing in the center then as the bike takes off the thing (cardboard) flys away, bret does this with an er2 and it works great, he also always carries around a little cardboard square thats always getting slightly smaller hehe.

the other thing u need to know about the converstion from av7 to av10 is that the lower mounting spring hardware on the av10 is a mirror image of the av7, so if u buy case halves (don't come with this piece) u can't use the av7 spring mount it will be in the wrong place. so u will have to fab one up or just get a performance tension spring such as the doppler tension spring setup.

check it out its red and cool looking but 60 bones.

another thing to note is that if u use your stock av7 variator the back non moving plate will hit the av10 cases it will either need to be replaced with an av10 back plate or milled down a few mm.

also the head on the bidolot kit can be swapped with a stock av7 head or a stock av10 head both have decomp valves. peter's shredped runs with a stock av7 head as does my little yellow moby since the moter blasted the sparkplug out of my stock av10 one one day.

I also ran the dopper 50cc kit for a bit with its sans decomp high comp head it comes with and it would start up without the decomp as long as the belt was in good shape, the compression wassn't to high on it i guess. the bidalot could be the same.

also u could theoredically buy a sans idle function performance variator, and slap it on and just have the bike stop running when you stop, and run like that till u get the clutch pully. i was going to do this but luckaly for me treats had a clutch pully for a peugeot in sf and i slapped that on.

goodluck with your builds guys hope this info helps

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🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

yeah by the way elliot i also run the cardboard jammed in my er3 variator.

with over 225 psi the kickstarter has failed.

Re: AV10 engines -

sick card board 4 life, i use an allen key jammed in my clutch pully to start it haha. mobys don't like to start no matter what u do to them.

Re: AV10 engines -

Kickstarters are great for 50cc kits. It's so fun to have a bike that starts so easily. Sadly, anything over 50cc kills them. Sad little plastic part can't take the torque.

The really funny part is the amount of cardboard required changes as the belt wears out, from 1" x 2" to 2" x 3".

Re: AV10 engines -

and ur acc. goes up and top speed down hehe

Re: AV10 engines -

So if I were to stay with the 50cc kit do you think that I should go kick? My motor came without a kick so I would have to get one.

Does anyone have a picture or an awesome drawing of how the kick works (all the pics I have seen have been the front). I assume it engages with the flywheel somehow.

Also where do you get all your cool doppler parts (clutch pulleys, tenstion springs, ect)

I have to say thanks a lot to everyone who has helped me in getting all this together, Elliot, Bret and everyone else you are what MA is all about! Thanks alot everyone!

Re: AV10 engines -

treatshq on ebay had the clutch pulleys a while back but they havent in some time. they do have doppler pipes though. i think most of us go through rcv-team.com or la-becanerie.com, although recently its been said that their shipping is high. i'm not sure, as ive not ordered from either. i let bret do all the hard work to get them to me (or was waiting 6 months the hard work? hmm..)

Re: AV10 engines -

Yeah I keep checking treats for parts but there hasn't been any clutch pulleys in a while, I did get a doppler pipe as well as a sha, short intake and variplus from him for my av7.

Re: AV10 engines -

There are no easy answers, parts come by chance or by $$$. its hard, takes alot of dedication and education but thats the way la resistance rolls.

Re: AV10 engines -

Damn straight!! I bought a moby so I wouldn't be a 65cc pollini dude.

Re: AV10 engines -

Hi... any chance of a few more shots of the bike from the other side to show the pipe and intake? Looks a cool conversion.

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