Kinetic TFR Jet

My buddy has a mid 90s Kinetic TFR that he wants me to "beef up" a little. I figured that slapping an old Polini country exhaust I have on there and drilling some holes in the air box should be a step in the right direction. Does any one know what number the factory jet in a 90s kinetic is? I'm thinking that with the new pipe and more air I should bump up the jet about 4 sizes. Does that sound about right or am I way off?

Re: Kinetic TFR Jet

Never mind. I did a search (I should have done that first) and according to an old post it is a 45. I'll get a 50 and see how that works.

Re: Kinetic TFR Jet

you are right about the jet, you can open up the holes in the restrictor dish in the air box, but you might want to get a handfull of jets up into the mid-50s range. Other thing is the polini long country will give it a bit of power and a few mph at the top end, but it kills the low end so it kind of sucks with the one speed, works ok with a variator so I would suggest that (variator and rear transmission from variated vespa), or a tecno estoril which is a good low-end pipe.

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I already have the Polini pipe and I'm not planning on cutting and welding a pipe to fit with the pedals. (nice work on yours by the way) I'm just helping out my bro and he's a career college student with no money so we're going to do this with $10 worth of jets and some elbow grease. The polini pipe has to be better than stock. I think I am going to buy a few jets. Thanks for the input!

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