pinto pep-up help

I have 77 pinto all stock.I'm looking to get a little more then

25 MPH.

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They have puch engines, surely the most common and popular, There is a manual online at the site under moped repair at the top, read the performance and puch tuning sections in the wiki here (in the top nav bar), do some searching and reading in the repair and performance forums, that should get you started!

good luck!


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if its a pinto (not a pinto 2) you're in luck. de-restrict the exhaust, clean everything, and take out the head gasket, you should be doing 30-35 unless something is wrong mechanically.

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why would a pinto 2 change things? i thought they were just cosmetically different

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Graham - i'm curious as to why you think a pinto2 would be "bad luck". I've got both a 1 and a 2, the only differences are the rear shocks, seat, and wheels.

Jason - You've got a Puch e-50 engine, there's a ton of info on this site, take a few days to read and you'll be ready to start "pepping up" your pinto. Look for stuff related to: E50, puch, maxi, pinto, puch one speed, puch exhausts, and puch performance. Also don't limit yourself to only reading those posts, a lot of the small engine stuff is conceptually universal and reading about a theory applied to a different bike very well may apply to yours as well. Welcome and cherish that pinto, they rule!!!

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Moped Game Sally Struthers /

i think the pinto 2 has a smaller main jet.

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from the bikes i've seen pinto 2 means it has a restricted exhaust, 12 mm carb and intake, 56 jet, restrictor airbox.

pinto 1 has unrestricted exhaust, 14 mm carb and tapered intake, 70 jet stock, no resrictors in intake

or a 60 jet with restrictors in the intake.

we get quite a few pintos here in wisconsin, they were popular, i've owned 4 and worked on more than 10, this has always held to be true in my experience.

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That's weird, all of 4 of my pinto's (ones a 2) came with 14mm carbs, 70 jets, 14mm square intakes, restricted air boxes and restricted exhausts. They've literally been identical except the cosmetic differences I stated earlier. Maybe it's a regional thing, or maybe my 2 had been modified before i got it but it sure looked stock(all the 1's are from CO, but the 2 came from K-zoo) .

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I've got an original pinto owners manual at home, I'll pull it out and look to see what it says just out of curiosity. I'll let ya know...

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Start by derestricting your exhaust. That'll force you to want to figure out how to tune your carb. It's for the better!

A year after owning my Pinto 2 I finally bored my carb/intake to 14mm, added a high-flow air filter, added a Homoet 4p, added a high comp head, messed with the gearing, and can almost hit 40 mph. I'll most likely be in the mid 40's once I throw on my 50cc TCCD kit, and when I have it all matched up I won't be surprised if I hit 50 mph. It came stock with a 12mm carb/intake and a 70 jet. So I kept the stock jet...

Graham, did we meet at RO4? I remember meeting a Pinto-lover from Wisconsin.

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