40 vs 50v

Should a 40 with a jug, variator, and exhaust from a 50v, but the 40's original carb be faster than a 50v? Is it the skinny tires and thinner rims, is there really that much weight difference between the frames? How much loss does the suspension cause.

The 50 jug we swapped out fits the "fast" moby jug profile, to a tee.

Your thoughts? Mine, I'm not helping my friends with their Moby's any more if they are just gonna be faster than me

Re: 40 vs 50v

dont know if im faster then you so should i help you or not?

whats the numbers on the gurtner carbs you are taking off the engines? it is stamped on the fuel bowl usually.

can you make a port map of both cylinders please?

Re: 40 vs 50v

Crackstar X /

I knew I should have mapped them when we had them apart. Visually his transfer ports are narrower and slightly taller than mine. Intake are too similar to see any obvious difference, but my exhaust seems to be wider. I have a port map of mine somewhere, its convincing him to tear his motor down again just to make a rubbing...

As far as the gurtners all I can say is that his looks exactly the same but has a two peice jet. or a jet holder and the main jet itself looks huge compared to the jet in my gurtner. I'll try to get the numbers later.


Re: 40 vs 50v

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

if its a 30mph 40 and a 30mph 50 then they would do the same.

the 40 is lighter so it will probably go a little faster

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