vespa grande kitting advice

hey whats up, my friend gave me a stack of cash to kit his grande out, this will be my first one to kitt out, since i'm not a huge of them i've done little research..

i was thinking polini, anyone out there have kitted? any suggestions?

also on my puch i have it geared 18 front to 36 rear, being that grandes are belted, is there any different pulleys, maybe larger ones?( is that what there called?)

any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.


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Re: vespa grande kitting advice

just like most others, if you go with a bore bigger than 43mm you will need to open up the case mouth to accept the sleeve.

Malossi and Simonini Athena kits have triangular transfer ports, like the stock ones, just bigger, so they work better if you don't case match, and are easier to match to the stock case.

The DR and Polini cylinders have these D shaped ports that require more work on both sides, and there is not much wall on the case to work with (they are all ported to the performance cases they make). They also overlap on the stock ports, so they suffer more if you don't do any case work.

If you are going bigger than 70cc and/or port matching anyway that does not matter as much.

check out cylinder kit section under vespa ciao for a pretty complete list of whats available with pics.

Get one that comes with a matching head, they have bell shaped burn chambers with squish band.

Re: vespa grande kitting advice

grandes are variated (they have a cvt), search for vespa variator in the performance section, and check out the wiki for more pics and info on the different performance upgrade options.

Re: vespa grande kitting advice

I'm also in the process of kitting a grande. does anyone know if the 64cc olympia kits are any good?

Re: vespa grande kitting advice


Re: vespa grande kitting advice

Look up all of Smitty's posts pertaining to this subject and be


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