EBR forks on a Garelli Eurika?

Can this happen, Without much mods? I broke my forks, and I might as well though some EBRs on it.

Re: EBR forks on a Garelli Eurika?


Re: EBR forks on a Garelli Eurika?

I would like to know myself

Anybody put EBRs on a garelli ?

How are the 100 dollar version of EBRs?

Do they bottom out like the stock garelli forks?

The stock garelli forks and shocks seem to blow.

Maybe there just old? or are they always weak?

What about on a avanti ss? Anybody ever put EBRs on one?

And no I'm not real fat.. hahahaha

Re: EBR forks on a Garelli Eurika?

You can post up a picture of yourself zack and we will determine if you are fat or not.

BTW, my garellis shocks are nice, i guess yours are just shittay.

Re: EBR forks on a Garelli Eurika?

there is a set if technix forks that are adjustable. but so far i'm pretty sure you can wedge some EBRs on just about anything. i have puch forks on my ciao, i've seen my friend nigel put em on a tomos...the possabilites are endless. if there's a will, there's a way


Re: EBR forks on a Garelli Eurika?

hey Andy,

Your right, the ones on my rallysport seem fine.

I guess the ones on my supersport are just warn.

I really hadn't checked the ones on the rally because I just

recently got it and it has no seat and it wasn't running at all.

It is now tho.

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