Porting a Sachs 504

My headgasget was blown. While Jae was helping me we noticed that there is an obvious restriction in the exhaust port. You can SEE it when you look straight down. We were thinking widening that port wouldn't be too hard and definitely couldn't hurt.

Anyways, anyone ported the exhaust port?

Re: Porting a Sachs 504

Make sure not to expose the piston pins when widening the exhaust port or your rings might clip the exhaust window while running. Also, be careful that when widening you don't also raise or lower the port because that would throw engine timing off and performance will tank.

If you're going to widen the exhaust port when not match the piston windows and widen the intake window as well? So much better if everything flows smoothly.

Re: Porting a Sachs 504

as long as you stay away from the parts directly adjacent to the cylinder bore, go nuts. Once you start getting up to the edge of the bore, you run into problems.

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