retrofitting peugeot with gears

is there any way you can think of to put a deraileur (is that how you spell it?) gear from a mountain bike on my peugeot 102?

im trying it.



Re: retrofitting peugeot with gears

No, mainly because you need a hub for the cluster gear to thread onto. It's a waste of time really, drive chains are a different size then bicycle ones, unless you intend to install this on the pedal side any setup from a bicycle is going to be short lived. You would be better off hopping up the engine in some way, porting, carb, exhaust, then messing around with bicycle parts.

Call it a shovel with a rope handle, deraileur systems such even on bicycles, they get full of debris, they go out of adjustment, the deraileurs get caught on things. The only practical way to have gear on the rear end would be to have something like a Sturmey Archer internally geared hub, but finding one beefy enough to take the horsepower would be difficult.

Re: retrofitting peugeot with gears

what you could do especially since a 102 has little power, is get a bicycle shifter hub, and use it to build a rear wheel then put the cog on the drive side and wola a 3 speed 102 done and done.

well theres more to it, but hey if u want a cool project...

Re: retrofitting peugeot with gears

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

slap a biturbo on it somehow.

it was always a dream to make a soooper 102 but i just really dont care that much anymore

Re: retrofitting peugeot with gears

better get some real strong rubber bands for the tranny haha

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