Metrakit question

So I got my metrakit in the mail today. Thanks treats!! And I was looking at it and was slightly dissapointed at the quality of the castings. About 90% of the extra casting around the fins and stuff can be ground off, but when I looked at the ports, the two sides were different. one curved up farther towards the top of the cylinder and the other was flattend off and didn't go as high. I'm pretty sure that it won't make any difference because the piston will uncover the transfer ports and it would only allow more flow, at least on that side. I was wondering if anyone else has come accross that and any problems that go along with it. Thanks

Re: Metrakit question

NO problem. Every MetrakitI have seen is a lil krooked. It is best to case match your transfers.

Re: Metrakit question

Yup, what rafter said. They are not the highest quality kit ever, but work with what you have an you can mak em go fast.

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