Exhaust Modification

Hey guys,

I want to get some free speed out of my stock pipe and was wondering if yall had any suggestions to do so. Also would I need to upjet?

I hear drilling holes in the baffle will work. But I need some more info before attempting such a feat.

Stock garelli SSXL exhause btw.

Re: Exhaust Modification

dont randomly drill holes because you need some backpressure. measure the cross section area of your exhaust port and make sure you have about 60% restriction in your exhaust to make enough back pressure

Re: Exhaust Modification

I'm gonna be doing this pretty soon, when I get my metrakit. One guy said that he made the holes almost twice the size and it ran a hole lot better. not as good as a manufactured performance pipe, but alot better than stock. I'll let you know how that comes out.

Re: Exhaust Modification

if you put a metrakit on your bike, and leave on your stock exhaust, you will seize, and then seize again, and then again after that. don't be cheap

Re: Exhaust Modification

andy, don't do this at all, you're not going to see a very big gain. the gain you get from drilling holes, you can get from $7 worth of gears. hole drilling just doesn't make sense. a dremel on the exhaust port or intake port is free if you already got a dremel, or a file, and will do the same thing. also...if you save up and grab an expansion chamber, you will see a LOT better gain. just mod a pipe to fit or wait til you find one for sale. it's rare, but they are out there

Re: Exhaust Modification

A couple holes in the baffle do some good, jetting you just gotta figure out. If you fuck it up and drill to many holes, metal flask funnels make excellent replacements. One thing to look at is the header pipe. Some of them are factory crimped at the end. If it is, cut the crimp off. Also, the fast header is about 1" in diam and has 5 holes drilled in it. From your profile pic, you have the pipe that starts with a small diffuser and then comes to a long cylinder with the baffle stuck in the end. There are two plates in there with holes drilled in them, I have no advice as to what to do with them, but they're in there clogging up the works. Pipes work on acoustics, it's just sound, keep that in mind. Don't dremel on your jug, it's fine the way it is. Garelli's are pretty well ported to begin with. Unless you've got the 36 tooth rear, or the 9 tooth front I wouldn't muck with gearing until you've got more power to play with. Optimal for stock NOI is 10/32, fo' serious. Unless you can find an 11 front. But good luck with that. You already have the curvy intake. Dremel your 14.12 to 14.14. Upjet. Try different shitty 30 weight oils in the tranny until you find one you like, then tune oil level. I'm kinda tempted to go gut a Garelli pipe...

Re: Exhaust Modification

god you are brilliant! sessi is the bomb! (one of your fans)

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