Upgrade My Tomos Sprint


I have an 08 tomos sprint and I am looking to make some speed improvements. Everything is current stock. What would you suggest as the best way to move it from the 30 rang to the 40s?

Also, I can do any of the improvements myself besides attaching them so could you also list what part/where i could buy it online if i was to buy a bigger exhaust or carb or overbore a carb


Re: Upgrade My Tomos Sprint

BootyClap Ninja /

You should be looking at an aftermarket exhaust as your first upgrade. It will compliment future speed upgrades as well.

remember to upjet.

Tomos exhausts are easy to find and very easy to install.

Re: Upgrade My Tomos Sprint

mani put a biturbo on my 04 sprint and it will bury the speedo now!

i can not imagine what it would be like with a kit and a carb!

it think it would smoke my pinto! i hate you tomos,not really

Re: Upgrade My Tomos Sprint

get a tecno estroil exhaust there cheap and much better the biturbo or technigas.

Re: Upgrade My Tomos Sprint

You can get that Tomos up to 37mph for under $30.00., and simple stuff. First, de restrict the air intake by removing the snorkle in the air box. Second, get yourself a 26 tooth front sprocket. I did that and Im solid 37 mph on flats, and still over 30mph on most hills around my house.

After that there are more bolt on upgrades: bigger carb, and intake manifold, high flow air cleaner, exhaust, and a smaller rear sprocket. And you can always go with a big bore kit. www.1977mopeds.com has the sprodket in stock. Good Luck.

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