custom made malossi variator weights?

everyone who owns a malossi multivar variator probably knows that they come with the black 4.7 gr. weights. i have a 1977 vespa bravo and i hear that the blue weights that weigh around 8 gr. work the best for this variator on this moped. i was wondering if anyone has ever tried to fill in the little hole in the weights to make them heavier? is this a bad idea? if it is where do i buy the 8 gr weights? anyone know? thanks

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Re: custom made malossi variator weights?

I packed them with lead pellets, using a hex/allen screw driver bit on each side, packed to the max to 7.3gr each, still not variating all the way with the stock spring, but it helped alot, still tops out at 35-40 but it gets there quick. This is kitted (no case work yet), carb, and pipe.

Look in the malossi catalogue that came with your variator, the malossi colorrolls are light ass rollers for racing, blue ones are only 2.1gr. They also make the HTRolls like we get with the kit up to 14gr, all are black.

I think you are talking about the the polini comes with yellow 7gr and blue 12gr weights, questlove's bike is more tuned out than mine and he is running the blues with stock spring. This leads me to believe that we need somewhere in the 10+gr range, especially if we want to run the reinforced spring.

Here is my post on it:


Re: custom made malossi variator weights?

one more thing, polini weights can be used in the malossi, but the guy at the local vespa shop told me they are only 12.5x15.5 not 13x16, so they won't push the pulley in quite all the way.

also read about a guy who cut up some stock steel round bar for rollers, though i would worry about them wearing out the variator ramps in the long run.

Re: custom made malossi variator weights?

One more; as far as finding heavier ones, that has been the hard part with the malossi. Treats is supposed to be getting some soon but still waiting. Heaviest i've found available are some 6gr on e-bay.

At least ours are useable, those who get theirs from will find that one is a slightly different part number, and comes with the red colorolls, which are only like 2.7gr, and solid-center.

Re: custom made malossi variator weights?

what size carb and what pipe are you running?


might be a stupid question but did you pack all the weights with lead? do you think anything would get screwed up if for instance after packing all the weights with lead some weights where 6.5 gr and others where 7 gr or just little off of each other? thanks again you have been very helpfull about the malossi.

Re: also

I am running the dellorto 13.13 and a modified tecno estoril, also ran a fixed polini long country with it before.

Yeah, I packed them all with lead, and weighed each one, then sealed and fine tuned the weight with nail polish so they are all the same weight.

If you don't have a scale; they were less than half a gram off with the same number of pellets in each, maybe .2-.3, I don't think that would mess anything up, or even be too out of balance unless you put all the lightest ones on one side and all the heaviest on the other by chance.

Some people mix and match weights, like with the polini, three and three, two and four, as long as you distribute them evenly it's fine, some people even use three out of five or even two out of three in various stock variators where you need less weight.

You can probably get a digital scale at your local convenience/smoke/head shop for pretty cheap, or just count the pellets and pack the same number in each. You don't really need to be careful and do it in steps like I did, a gram (about two .177 cal) at a time, and try it, it gets tedious, and you can't really tell much difference, and i found you can't make them too heavy, so just pack them to the max, and you can always drill some lead out if you ever need to later.

But do try them first before you pack them, you got to experience that peeling out the driveway mad rush to 25 at least once!

Re: also

haha okay yeah for sure. thanks man!

Re: also

just talked to the CEO of treats. haha. said he will be getting some weights in very shortly. SWEET!

Re: also

yah, we're all buggin benji bout the rollers lol, and the poor guy can barely dig himself out of the parts pile.

Re: also

Did anyone ever figure out the best weight (range) to run in the malossi variator?


Re: also

Brian Smithmeyer /

I'd like to know too. I should be getting mine soon.

Re: weights

Where did you get your weights, fatwreck? Which ones did you get?

Re: weights

Any 13x16 roller weights work, check with your local scooter shop. I found the olympia ones to be a bit small diameter wise in comparison, but LeoVince ones are the perfect size, and you can press out the weights and press in the different olympia ones, that's what I ended up with.

Re: weights

I actually found ones that will work, but the real question is how much weight is everyone running and what is their setup?


- Kitted

- 13/13 Carb

- Perf air filter (lulz)

- Race crank

- Malossi Variator with stock weights

- Stock spring

Currently it takes off crazy fast as expected and the RPMs are too high once it starts to variate. I read similar reports all over regarding the stock weights. There have been surmises as to which weight (10g+?) would produce the best results, but no reports on which weight has actually worked the best on different setups.

So what's everyone running?

Re: weights

last i was running 10g with the yellow counter-spring (polini65, 13.13, estoril), could use lighter with stock spring but it made it too hard to start the bike, right now the motor is out to do case work and drop in a top crank, then I should be able to use lighter weights, but it really depends on you and your bike; heavier weights will push out more at lower rpms, lighter weights will take higher rpm, it sounds like you need to go heavier. try packing them with lead to 7+g and if that's not enough you have to figure somethign else out.

Re: weights

Brian Smithmeyer /

I meant that I should be getting my variator soon. I haven't figured out what I will do for weights yet.

Re: weights

Brian Smithmeyer /

I put the variator on this weekend. It bolted on just like it should have, but I had to open up the slots for the engine quite a bit just to get the belt tight enough to start the bike.

With the 4.7g weights, the engine screams, but the bike doesn't go anywhere. I think it topped out at 20 mph with more RPMs than I have ever had it at before.

Will heavier weights correct this or am I having belt tension issues? I could see on the variator that the belt only rode about 1/3 of the way up from bottom.

Re: weights

heavier weights are needed i believe. I always get confused by variator tunning haha

Re: weights

heavier weights, or lighter counter-spring, and proper belt of course, what belt are you using? I have not read someone having to open up their engine mount holes before..

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