the choke makes it rip?!? help

so i've been asking around, and for the most part, people think that this is a jetting issue. but i wanted to know if anyone else has had this happen. and maybe what fixed it up.

here's the deal...

i gotta 2 speed puch with the 65 polini, 15 bing, and estoril. standard set-up.

it starts up easy. runs great. shifts perfect. sweet....UNTIL...

that little metal button thing on the bing gets popped up, a.k.a. 3/4 to full throttle, so no choke. once that takes place, it still does fine until i come to a stop, or slow down enough to get into first.

then it sucks. it still gets off the line okay, but when it hits 2nd its done, super bogged down, like it going to die until i lay off the throttle a bit to even it out.

so i have to push back in the choke button, and SAY WHAT??? It rips again. So the standard procedure has been reaching down periodically to push that sukka back in. But that's inconvenient. So any ideas? Should I just lose the whole choke assembly in there and get some re-jetting on?

oh, i'm running a 100, or 102 jet, and 37:1

Re: the choke makes it rip?!? help

You have way to big of a jet in there to start with and if your bike only runs ok with the choke down you have a good size air leak somewhere.

Don't run the bike untill you have it figured out that is no where near the proper way to break a kit in.

with a 15mm bing and a estrol you might get up to a 90 jet size depending on your intake.

Re: the choke makes it rip?!? help

Confuser - /

is there a common place for air leaks with this setup? the head bolts and everything seem to be tightened down proper. and all the gaskets are new.

i'm not running the riser for the polini intake on the za50, so the bing sits a little crooked. could that be a factor in this?

jetting is turning out to more confusing than it should be. cause when i first fired it up i had a 96 jet and people said it was too lean for break-in. ugh.

can i use bubbles to test for leaks without running the engine somehow? or is there a better way?

Re: the choke makes it rip?!? help

Spray carb cleaner on the various connections. If it makes the engine rev higher or die, there's your leak.

Re: the choke makes it rip?!? help

I run the same setup.......

90 jet, maybe a 92 or 94 is where you need to be. I run a 90 and its just great.

And have a retardedly big air leak mentioned that you didn't use the riser on the intake. I would try to use it and seat the carburetor correctly. Bings are NOTORIOUS for airleaks. I've been really happy with my whole setup - Polini, Estoril, Bing, should run very well and reliably once you get the snafus out of the way.

Re: the choke makes it rip?!? help

just hold the throttle wide open the whole time or get a more restrictive air filter

Re: the choke makes it rip?!? help

Confuser - /

i can't seem to find a leak...

i think i'm gunna tear it apart this week and try to straighten that bing out a little bit, see if that makes a difference. it shouldn't. but hey. who knows.

Re: the choke makes it rip?!? help

your bing is probably tipped too much, buy the spacer you tard.

Re: the choke makes it rip?!? help

One of two things, it's either running too lean or you have a vacumn leak, I suspect it's running lean. Pull the sparkplug and inspect it.

Re: the choke makes it rip?!? help

You have an air leak inbetween the carburetor and the intake. This is the most common place for a puch to have an air leak.

-Buy some gasket sealer

-Take your carburetor off

-Put some sealer all around the edge of the intake where it mates to the carb

-Jet the carb as suggested by ben

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