19mm dollerto's. help me out

im thinking about getting a 19mm dollerto from 1977 buuuuutttt, ive got a couple questions.

what exactry is flanged vs. spigot? i know they are mounting types but i need more info for the decision.

this will go on a 65cc metra, does anyone have pics of their custom made intakes (seeing as how you need one custom made...)?

are there different jets for this thing or did i read it right when it said there is an adjustable jet?

will i need anything else with it?

Re: 19mm dollerto's. help me out

Flange clamps on, is more like a "female" version, and a Spigot is more like a male version, and you will use a rubber hose to connect the two "male ends". I like Clamp for the simplicity, but hard to get to fit correctly on a home made intake w/o leaking, so I'd say go rubber mount, which will also absorb some of the shock and shake of a moped. I've never made a Metra65 intake bigger than boring a stock intake, but I hear people use exhaust headers.

Re: 19mm dollerto's. help me out

its the exhaust header from a tomos. peabe did this for his metrakit. it works if you work it..hehe. cut it down my friend. cut it down

cool. anybody got pics of their custom intake?

anybody got pics of their custom intake?

also, if I were to open up the intake port a bit, should i just open it horizontally or what should i do for best performance on the metra?

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