kitted PA50 Problems

Ive recently kitted my pa50 and it idles great and sounds great when you crack the throttle but it wont go any where as far as RPM after that, it bogs and reaches very low RPM. any suggestions?

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

Are you running the stock carb?

Stock exhaust?

What's your setup on it?

My kitted hobbit bogs a bit from a stop, but at about 10 mph it snarls to life...

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

stock carb but no air box its a tube and filter and stock exhaust but it wont break 8- 10 mph and hits very low rpm even on the stand.

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

Well, that's the trouble then...

The stock exhaust and carb are too restrictive. Especially the exhaust!

I ran my Hobbit kitted, with a Proma Circuit exhaust, and the stock carb for a long time. The stock carb ran good at speed, but idling was a bitch.

I HIGHLY suggest a expansion exhaust pipe. That will make ALL the difference.

They can be tough to find, but they are worth every penny.

Then, get a larger carb and intake... then, gears...

Good luck.


Re: kitted PA50 Problems

What jet shld i put in it(#'rd drill bit equiv is good) and where can i get a exhaust from. 50cc hase no more and european ebay is taped out.

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

you're probably going to have to retrofit an exhaust. the puegot simonini might be a good starting point. luckily hondas are really easy to hack exhausts onto because of the way they attach.

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

JC, tune that variator! no more bog!

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

The variator is fine it dosnt hit high rpm on the stand or the ground it ran 25-28 befor the kit was put on so i dont think thers any thing wrong with the variator

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

that was directed at jc and his fire breathing hobbit

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

Buy an old Hobbit muffler of the buy/sell forum or off Ebay. Cut the exhaust manifold off the old muffler and weld it on something else. It might not be as good as the Proma Circuit but it should bring your beast to life.

Be sure to do your plug chops after the installation of the pipe.

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

thas what im planning on doing but does any one know where i might find a numbered drill bit to jet size conversion chart or what it needs to be drilled out to.

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

JC's bog problem is definately jetting or needle position related

Re: kitted PA50 Problems

Chris - jets for the hobbit carbs can be tricky to find. Somewhere online I saw Keihn(sp?) jets... google it.

Yeah Peter, I'm almost certain the bog thing is in the 21mm PHBG carb. Being that it's such a pain to get out, I've been lazy. I really need to play with jet sizes and yes, the needle position as well.

I've never really gotten it perfect.

Though, having said that, when at speed, it's un real. I just rode five mopeds in a row today... my Hobbit last. It's fucking retarded fast. I love that : )

Deano - I did a hack variator mod a long while back... the belt rises to the very top... you can see where the belt rode for 25 years. Now it's shiny metal all the way up : )

The roller weights were drilled out a bit to lighten them so I would accelerate quicker... the taller gears kinda took that low end away. I tried piaggio clutch springs, but they were too tight and the engine was working waaay to hard for my taste.

For now, I'm dealing with a chumpy low end on the hobbit.

Now to fix the damn headlight bucket...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Re: kitted PA50 Problems

Raymond Rexroad /

Chris - jets for the hobbit carbs are easy as heck to find!

I've order many sizes from westernhillshondayamaha. I found many other sources on-line, just google the honda part number. Go to the wiki section for more info.

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