Crankcase oil?

What is a good crankcase oil to use?

Re: Crankcase oil?

The Gordon's Fisherman /

Type F

Re: Crankcase oil?

Puch=Type F



Might be different for others...

Avoid synthetics, I've heard they cause slipping.

Re: Crankcase oil?

Yeah and leakage too with the synthetic, the stuff is so thin it gets past the seals, lol, and I have a morini so thanks!!!!

Re: Crankcase oil?

the API specifies viscosity and friction characteristics by oil type, a synthetic oil of the same type must have the same characteristics as conventional oil in order to be approved by the API. viscosity and 'slippriness' are characterized by the additive package, not by the base stock.

Re: Crankcase oil?

I bet the differ, a mineral based oil and synthetic could have the same API certification, but the synthetic has a thinner characteristic than mineral oil does, mineral is more "gritty" as it were.

Re: Crankcase oil?

So......Type F is essentially old school Ford transmission fluid, right?

This is fine in an E50 case? this something I can track down at Pep Boys, Napa, Kragen's etc?

Thanks in advance.

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