WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

JCampbell /

Yeah, it's hobo.

Yeah the expansion looks crappy, for now. It'll get painted soon.

They fucking rock.

Before, the Korados (both are running perfect now) were quiet, and would ZIP to 30, and stop right there... seemingly choked out by the restrictive exhaust pipe.

So, we got crafty.

For the first attempt, we used the standard Maxi chrome exhaust pipe. I de-restricted it according to the instructions in the wiki. Then Jame and I cut and welded the header to fit the angled exhaust port. Worked perfect.

Started right up and ran strong. Still has good low end, but gains a full 5 mph on the top. Which is great...

Then, we took and old, busted up expansion chamber pipe for a two-stroke scooter, cut it up (old brackets and header), made brackets and then another header for it. The silencer was nearly dragging the ground underneath it, so we cut it and moved it to the top. Lots of cutting and welding, but it fits snug and perfect.

Started first kick and sounds AWESOME.

Then I rode it. Holy freakin' shit.

Went from quiet and crappy to raging and speedy. Not much low-end, but around 10-15mph, it really wakes up.

I'm throroughly impressed. 40mph on the speedo, with a bit of throttle left.

I'm afraid to push these peds too hard as they each have only like 50 miles on 'em. But, I can tell you, this expansion pipe is sick.


Check out the attached combo pic.



Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

that's excellent man. it does look pretty janky but you're right, you can't argue with free speed!

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

Wow, that pipes looks f-ugly. I'm sure a lick of paint would make it look great.

And good that it performs nicely :)

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

Yep, some wire wheel action, and BBQ grill flat black paint... the whole thing. Silencer too... that's the plan.

And yeah, NO cost what so ever.

Just most of my Sunday... I did lots of shit around the house the day before, so I could justify staying in my garage all day to the wifey...

: )

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

You should turn the stinger up to keep the lines of the bike like Devin did on this Maxi. Awesome for free speed!

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

That is a beautiful thing RJ!!


Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

It is powder coat. The only way to go!

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

jake whats up at work today, have you been slacking off just as much as me. I havent done a single thing. Whats going on for tonight?, I was gonna try and go to the grocery after work then see about going down to the garage afterwards

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

geez, now i got a korado boner the size of rode island

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

Nice... I think.

: )

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

told ya those korado exhausts were crap.

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

thats awesome dude. what i dont about makeshift piping like this is how all the "science" behind it works. Arent performance pipes for specific bikes tuned and calculated to accomodate the needs and specifications of a given bike? It's sweet, but I dont see how you can just grab a random pipe, weld it on, and have free performance boost. Or was it just a lucky draw? Nice work though, good ingenuity.

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

What you say is true Steve. Exhausts are calculated to the specific needs of an engine. In this case that engine would be variated and this pipe would have a narrower powerband at higher RPM (Thus the loss of take-off power).

However, almost any pipe with some form of expansion works better than the (Heavily restricted) stock pipe (Not in all cases!). So this is basicly allowing the engine to breath easier and providing a lil pressure-wave boost that the old exhaust didn't have.

If you have an old expansion exhaust lying around, it's basicly free speed compared to stock. Beats buying a performance pipe if you run the rest stock.

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!


I'm real happy with these pipes.

The chrome Maxi pipe I KNEW would be better, just because it was de-restricted, but the scooter pipe (From a 2 stroke scooter, that's important) I wasn't so sure about...

Worked soooo good.


Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

ok i gotcha. so that original pipe mustve been pretty damn restricted i guess. Now would that go to say that running without any exhaust at all (on that given bike) would result in an increase in performance (and loudness)? My friend has an expansion exhaust that came with his Flandria Bermuda. The thing doesnt run now, and doesnt look like it will be running any time soon. Gonna see if I can steal it from him at some point.

Re: WOW - Homemade Korado Pipes - Pics!

Yes, on stock mopeds removing the exhaust might actually have a positive effect on power. It is not recommended however, as a good exhaust will always perform better then no exhaust. And no ehaust sucks... Literally. It sucks dirt into the engine.

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