How can you beat the Tomos?

not much talk about tomos here but to me it sure seems hard to beat the tomos.

it allready comes with a reed valve

does 35mph stock

can be had for $50 -$100 used with biturbo!

parts every where,kits,pipes,spockets,

comes with mag wheels

simplicity only one drive spocket

can upgrade to hyrdrolic forks and disc!

you can beat the hell out of them and not have that guilty feeling i get when i do it to my puch

ok what did i miss?

tell me


Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

My eyes have never been the same after the beating they received from the revival and it's macho douche cousin the streetmate

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

u missed it.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

actually the sprint isn't all that bad looking

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

youre missing the fact that french bikes are cooler. and german bikes, too. and asian bikes. pretty much anything is cooler than a tomos besides nopeds (barely less coo), scooters, roller blades, and walking.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

I dunno Steve - i've got two Moby's but I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen riding this Tomos...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Tomos buy rights to produce Puch-style bikes in their factory? This one sure looks a lot like a Puch.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

yea dont get me wrong that bike is pretty nice. he put a lot of work into that thing and im sure its a hellraiser. but to me pretty much any stock moped pre-1990 (in good condition) looks cooler and IS cooler than that, just as a natural trait of being a moped, even if his does go 60,000 MPH. New tomoses are one step above scooters in my book, and on the same level of coolness as a noped.

basically, if he offered to trade me that for my moby, i'd turn him down. Unless of course I would just take that moped, sell it for a lot, and buy more mobies with it. But you get the idea.

And just to make sure, i'm not knocking this guys work at all. he probably did a lot of tuning and whatnot to get that thing where it was. itd leave a lot of the bikes in the Army to in the dust.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

right, and performance is what he's aiming for. why does everyone knock tomos so much? they are good bikes, they just aren't your "type" i mean i don't ride em, but i'd take a golden bullet if someone was selling it at a decent price. i think a lot of the times, people say they dont like em, because others say they don't like it. like it's cool to say "tomos sucks" or some crap like that. basically i want to comment, it's a moped! just because it's new, doesn't mean it sucks. not everything vintage is cool

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

agree with qwestlove

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

didnt i specifically say I'm not knocking his bike? twice?

tomoses are alright. Not good, not bad, just alright. In the middle.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

and I agree, not everything vintage is cool. but all vintage MOPEDS are cool. At least cooler than a new tomos.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

with this ;)


hella sick, throw a tomos engine on that thing, u erned. i think its the ignorance to moped inner workings of most tomos riders that turns me off, but hey now that i know a shit ton about peds i'd love a tomos.

It's like somone who owns a honda goldwing scooter vs somone who owns a classic lambretta, i bet the dude with the lambretta can fix darn near everything on that thing and the goldwing guy takes his in to the dealer when a light on the dash starts to blink.

ok maybe not that far but u get my drift.

ps i love that bmx puch u got man its sick

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?


Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

thanks it dont look like that any more but it is the smoothest rideing ped ,sucks up the bump now that i have hydrolics

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

dude yeah, I see where people want to hate on the new tomos'. Nate Bandit put a a35 on a trac top tank and thing is fucking rawdog! a dude in seattle just bought an estoril off of me to put on his tomos engine. It's ok if people don't like them because they have awesome motobecanes or the flyest garellis etc...etc... when I get done with my sprint you guys are going to have to give some respek!

the bad.

No Soul! it's new, It kick starts.

People like to hate on them.

yeah, definitely a lot of dudes ride them that don't know what's up. So?

any model besides the sprint is pretty wack.

The Good

It's a direct challenge to add your own soul to it. (peep the pic, I'm practicing for the choir)

Two speed power house!

c'mon now! Black is tough as fuck!

parts by the gazillion

Feels good when you can beat damn near every bike up to my top speed without a kit.

can't beat a tomos


Re: How can you beat the Tomos?


I used to waste my friend's targa lx all day with my korado. Biturbo on both, and thats it (though my puch had the big ol 18mm carb) In the war of new vs new even, puch wins.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

They seem to be good peds, but I just think they are butt ugly! Other than that prob a great bike! I have also heard bad things about thier oil injection systems.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

where do i start i get it you dont like them because they still make them and anyone can buy one ok. whatever its cool dont buy one then. talk all the shit you want just make sure you bring your money when you want to race.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

haha jesus you guys are touchy. all i said is i dont like tomos and im getting bombarded with challenges to races and generalizations about how "everyone knocks on tomos".

i still dont like tomos that much, despite the persuasion goin on here. I guess i'm still "a hater". and i dont have a problem with that. because at least i have a reason for my opinion. I agree with you guys, some people just hate tomoses for the sake of having an enemy. That's pretty lame. but don't get on my case for saying my opinion, I have reasons for it.

here's my response to billy's list. Agree w/ some things, not w/ others.

"the bad.

No Soul! it’s new, It kick starts. -Technically true but they still make peddlers

People like to hate on them. -True

yeah, definitely a lot of dudes ride them that don’t know what’s up. So? -Well a lot of people like to ride mopeds because they are something most people dont have, or dont have easy access to, or dont know how to fix, or dont know how to ride. It's great that tomos is still making mopeds, but for some people it threatens them because it offers 20-something year old workaday guys to go out and buy what was once unique. I can see that side of the arguement. I certianly dont want it to catch on to the point that i'm associated with assholes.

any model besides the sprint is pretty wack. -Haha, especially the revival, but i think they're all pretty wack.

The Good

It’s a direct challenge to add your own soul to it. -Thats true, thats a good way to look at it.

Two speed power house! - Variator? Didnt think so.

c’mon now! Black is tough as fuck! -Other peds dont come in black?

parts by the gazillion -Eliminates the need for jerry rigging, and sometimes ingenuity. Get your hands on a Kreidler and you'll be making some parts out of zip ties and silly putty pretty quick.

Feels good when you can beat damn near every bike up to my top speed without a kit. -Probably true, but that's cause it's new."

That's just my opinion on the matter. At least be happy that i try and represent myself eloquently, instead of most of the blind-tomos-hater-types who are just gonna tell you "TOMOS SUCKS!"

When it comes down to it, if you're riding, you're riding, especially if you care about what you're riding on.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

wateva tomos is cool it keeps the moped shops in business.

no one really "hates" tomos that much since it hasn't taken over the scene like what happend to scooters. And I don't think it ever really will.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

im happy as long as i have a running moped be it a tomos, puch, honda, Intramotor, suzuki, murray, etc...

only thing i wish is that there was a moped parts shop around my area.......hell only one guy in my neighborhood even knows what a tomos is for cryin out loud!!!!

thats my 1 1/2 cents.....

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

I had a streetmate. DOnt know anything about any stock about 28?

How about its plastic rattleing like all holy hell?

You know what i miss? The front forks and the disc brakes. I wish id kept that.

If your running a tomos and like it, good for you. If your running a classic and you like it good for you.

You would be hard pressed to find somone that would argue that tomos does not make a tough, nice bike. Like em or not.

Anybody that gets all huffy about thier tomos cause someones asked whats not to love about em and the classic folk say they dont like em........what did you expect. You obviously cherish tomos's what do you care what the moby people or the puch people say?

And welialker , that is the most heinous looking moped ive seen in a long none. I dont care if that thing does 120, it looks like a wallmart plastic piece of crap.

But thats just my opinion.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

this always comes down to the totally-un-quantifiable qualities of 'cool' and 'lame'

tomos are lame, thats really all there is to it, like the vanilla ice of mopeds. a 100 point check of a 1978 tomos and a 1978 puch comes up with them being identical in almost every regard possible, same thing with vanilla ice and ice cube. you can listen to ice, ice baby, and just another day in the projects, and you'd be hard pressed to find any measureable quantities that seperate the two, but everyone still knows one is lame and one is rad.

nothing against people who ride tomos. we're all lame, we're all riding stupid weedeaters on wheels. being lame to moped folks is like getting made fun of by special olympians for your athletic prowess. (most of those people would kick my ass in anything physical) whatever.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

pretty well said graham i agree.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

Style. Puchs win hands down.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

surely you jest! if you want style, puch is not the way to go. puchs are cooler than tomos, but hardly in terms of style.

Re: How can you beat the Tomos?

i think stock mobys are ugly and lowbars on stock mobys is even uglier.... there i said it.

40t mobys look cool but ride like shit, and make the "smooth" moby drivetrain not smooth.

stripped down mobys look cool, and well modded custom mobys look cool.

puchs are super stylish and i think the maxi or the sachs foxi gt automatic are the classiest looking peds without being to vintage. and look the best with low bars and long seats.

love the way pintos look too

allstates are also really stylish for the vintage look.

magnums are the best looking top tanks.

darts are ugly

all new tomos mopeds are ugly stock,

the sprints look cool w/o stickers and lowbars.

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