gass mix for FA50 suzuki 49cc 1985

william hucke /

The tank holds 2.5L the pump is no good on it and i just wanna mix oil in to gass so i dont have to buy a hole new pump

Dad saying half 8oz (4oz) 2cyle engin oil in to 2.5L of gass

oil jug saying "(40:1) RATIO (8) OUNCES OF OIL (2.5) GALLONS OF GASSOLINE" what do i do? Moped book has

"Fuel tank including reserve 2.5L" "Reserve 0.4L"


The img is edit so dont start


Re: gass mix for FA50 suzuki 49cc 1985

Get a 2 gallon gas container and fill it. Mix oil and gas 40:1 (6.4 oz of oil to those 2 gallons) at least. You might want to go 50:1 ( 8 oz of oil to 2 gallons of gas) to be safe. Dump it in your ped. Done.

Re: gass mix for FA50 suzuki 49cc 1985

DUH... 32:1 is the 8 oz to 2 gallons. That was what I meant when I said to be safe. Better to run a lower ratio and foul a plug than to run too high and lean and seize your engine. Good luck!

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