WHAT SparkPlug Range??

I run a kitted Vespa Grande: 43mm cyl., 13/13 dellorto carb, Mallossi Red Filter intake, Polini Top MOD One exhaust.... I ride well over 50 Miles a day, but i'm goin through spark plugs like chewing gum. I've been using NGK B6HS...ARE THERE ANY BETTER RECOMMENDATIONS???? PICTURE OF MY PED>>>


Re: WHAT SparkPlug Range??

usually on a kitted vespa you want a cooler plug; b7hs, or b8hs, i even tried a 9 but it was fouling on me. the bigger number the cooler.

you want a plug thats just hot enough to keep itself clean, but not hot enough to melt..are you melting plugs or fouling them? post a pic of one...

do some searches and read up on reading spark plugs and jetting, get a cooler plug, and downjet if they are fouling.

Re: WHAT SparkPlug Range??

did you re-jet or is the stock 66 in there?

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