Where are all the stock spares?

Wif everyone posting all the reviews on the great aftermarket stuff out there i just have to wonder

_where are all the stock spares?_

lots of people are kitting and putting on other replacement parts to match the new charicteristics of their engines but what are you doing wif the parts you are removing? with the seasonal gift giving season approaching i just want to keep it realistic for my wish list before i post it. lol

Re: Where are all the stock spares?

most of mine are broken from running them too hard, I also have a hord of parts to fix my other bikes that are not all supped up.

stock moby parts r not the highest quality, i've considered putting puch points on my bike just to escape all the novi problems.

i also keep the stock spares around incase one of the fancy parts breaks, and they do, thats y i got a stock crank in my bike now, everything breaks eventually ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Where are all the stock spares?

in a box under my bed. sleeping.... next to 16mm cameras, and my telecaster.

Re: Where are all the stock spares?

i always keep them in a nice warm box just in case something breaks. then it can be the substitute while i order a new one. then it goes a few months, and i think "psh, this is never gonna break" and i sell it to someone. then it breaks.

Re: Where are all the stock spares?

I agree, it's not a bad idea to hold onto some stuff. I was going to sell the 14.12 carb I took off my Moby, then I bought another this week with a bad Gurtner - threw the 14.12 on there, and I just returned from another chilly but invigorating 10-mile ride on it.

I don't know if it's the multiple drinks I had at bowling league tonight talking, but I really have gotten hooked on this moped thing in very short order. I know my wife thinks I've gone off the deep end, and I probably have, Two more packages from Treats in the mail today. One had 10 jets (my Dellorto xylophone) and a chain that I put on the new 50V tonight - the other with a hi-compression head for the Metrakit I'm giving to my son for his Puch for Christmas. (What a great Dad, huh?) He's also getting a Puch T-shirt from Chris in Salem, MA and a Hells' Satan's T-shirt from Richmond, VA. (Haven't seen the STD's T-shirt yet - LOL!)

Anyway, you peeps have become a second family - thanks for being there!

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