performance pipe for a sachs?

Newbie here...I am planning on putting a kit on a Sachs Prima but can't seem to find a performance pipe. Figured I would butcher the stock pipe, sawing it off right where it begins to flare maybe 14" from the exhaust port and then put a silencer on it. But before I butcher a nice stock pipe, I thought I'd ask you guys to see what you've done. hate to chop a pipe in nice shape...Thanks.

Re: performance pipe for a sachs? carries the Gianelli for Sachs. It isn't much of a performance exhaust, but it is better than stock.

Some people also modified exhausts for (From the top of my head, correct me if I'm wrong) Peugeot to fit the Sachs.

Re: performance pipe for a sachs?

I stumbled accross this. At Treats HQ store on Ebay.

Performance wise this thing would really work great, instalation could be tricky though

Re: performance pipe for a sachs?

Yep, that's the one I'm talking about.

Should work better than the Gianelli.

Re: performance pipe for a sachs?

i have the polini version of that pipe it is the bee's knees

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