Variant Performance

What are you derbi fans running out there performance wise. Just curious of what options are available other than the std. metrakit cylinders and exhaust.

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America isn't really ready for the path of destruction that a fast as balls Derbi will cut. They are currently obsessed with French and Austrian tech, and Ciaos as of late.

Look for uber fast Derbis on euro sites, and MAYBE one or two at west coast rallies next year. There are a handful of people building gloriously fast Spanish machines over the winter, but they aren't saying a word about their setups. It's going to be a waiting game for people outside that tiny group.

Anyway, back to your question, get a metra kit, adapt a decent pipe to fit, toss a bigger carb on there, you will have a SOLID daily rider that will cruise all day at 50. If you want to get crazy, look into scooter top ends and pipes but be prepared to spend HELLA dollars on fabrication.

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shhhhh! You've already said too much

Re: Variant Performance

I am intrigued by this.

Re: Variant Performance

No you aren't.

Re: Variant Performance

am too

Re: Variant Performance

Then you will be silenced.

Re: Variant Performance

why keep it silenced.

but a lot of people ins spain have this setup

and claim 115 to 125 kmh

65cc metra

18 amal

tjt maxivar variator

jazen 70 cc competicion exhaust

all found on this web.

Re: Variant Performance

All will be revealed when actual numbers are produced, and bikes are finished...just wait.

I can say with almost 100% certainty, that at least one of these derbis will put ben's to shame.

Re: Variant Performance

Does anyone know of any air cooled scooter cylinders that are compatible with the flat reed engine without having to press in a longer crankshaft? I believe this Derbi has a 40mm stroke

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look in the owners manual for your bike. it will give you the stroke measurement. then go and see what the stroke is on what you're trying to buy. i'm sure MRA has an owners manual for it

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theres some type of variator restriction thats removable. I dont know the exact details, but heard it from a more than credible source.

Re: Variant Performance

ball removal or ball weight reduction you need lighter balls

Re: Variant Performance

Already have those mods done folks. No variator restriction washer, lighter weights.

60cc metrakit

17mm bing

MK exhaust

Just curious of what others were running.

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