kits for a vespa si

does anybody know where i can get a kit for my si. probably 65 or 70cc i dont want that ridiculous 100cc simonini monster.

thanks, joey

Re: kits for a vespa si

Re: kits for a vespa si

word! polini makes one too! you're in motion left???!! ask devon dude! i'm sure he'll guide you to the path you need to be on!

Re: kits for a vespa si

That seems like the best around, it will require enlarging the case sleeve hole, and might as well port match while you're at it.

The polini 65cc and malossi "70cc" (both have the same 43mm bore) are the biggest you can go without case work, the polini is cheaper and much more readily available (zippymopedparts, 1977mopeds etc) but the ports are a different shape so it's not as good without the port match as the malossi, which has the same triangular ports just bigger. The malossi you have to get from still i think.

Make sure to check wheather you have a 10mm or 12mm wrist pin.

Re: kits for a vespa si

check the link.

46mm malossi, 160 bucks, shipped before you can even decide thats the one you want.

now joey, can the rest of your bike take 50 mph?

Re: kits for a vespa si

time for some seam welds, new speed rated tires, and a frame i vote polini, or if you can find an athena/simonini kit, you'll be rollin fine.

Re: kits for a vespa si

thanks for all your help guys devin is actually gunna help me get the 70cc malossi from 50cc cause hes a dealer for them. Yeah right now my bike cant take it but after i get done with it over the winter it will be able too.

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