athena 80cc reed valve kit

yeah... so it just came in the mail and i am super excited about it, i was wondering though

can i put it on my bike with the stock carb and pipe?

will it damage anything with out upgrading other components?

part of me wants to wait to put everything on (pipe, carb, kit) at the same time but it will be a minute before i am able to buy the rest



Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit

You can put in on without the other just can't run it.

Speed kits (especially 80cc kits!) are made for high performance matching parts. It won't run well at all with a stock carb (far too small) and especially a performance pipe.

I would wait and get all the parts together first.

Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit

yeah thats what i thought

just wanted to check


Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit

Disassemble engine!

Your going to blow a clutch most likely.

The reeds will break to so replace them with carbon fabric.

I don't just throw a kit on a engine.

I rebuild them from the ground up.

Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit


if you have to ask the first question you have no business touching an 80cc athena reedvalve kit. that thing is a big nasty bastard of a kit and should only be installed by someone with a lot of experience. At the very minumum you will need:

Rebuild entire engine- new seals, possibly new bearings

inspect/replace clutch

port match

clean throughly

reassemble very carefully, torque every fastener to spec

19mm or larger carbureator

expansion chamber exhaust, probably from another bike modded to fit.

probably should replace reeds as well with CF.

you can try just 'slapping it on' and see how it goes, but you'll be wasting your 275 bucks.

Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit

you don't need to port match, especially before you break in a kit. you're not looking for max performance until after it's broke in. it's a baller kit, but you can run it with the normal reeds, otherwise they wouldn't make them. garvan, you can do anything you want.

Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit

as far as the reeds go,roplace them with carbon fiber.i doubt there is any difference in quality of the reeds on the puch athena and the sachs one that youre talking about.with the puch kits they break almost instantly and are sucked into the cylinder and at least destroy the piston and rings if not the cylinder and mabie the crank.

just because something is made it doesnt make it good

Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit

yeah the reeds are metal and have to go, u will also notice that the exhuast is partialy blocked and not smooth at all that should be filled in and re ported, the transfers should match the case no breaking in only partially matched and ur clutch is gonna blow if u don't rebuild the engine. u will notice the smaller intake designed for 15mm carbs just opens to a huge reed block and the larger one is much less abrupt u shouldn't use the smaller on its never gong to run right, to use the large one u will need a 19mm carb or bigger.

that kit is serious tuners man, i'd highly recomend u have someone who know thier shit install that for you or rebuild the engine and build it from the ground up. or put that thing on the shelf till you feel real confident about building kitted peds.

just don't want to see u waste that hella expensive kit, but if u feel like ur up to the challenge by all means do it right rebuild match, port, get the big carb solve the flying off exhuast issues, learn that thing in and out. and run that bitch hard.

60mph kit done the right way

Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit

Luckily garvan is rollin with the latebirds now. We have a couple gurus around here. :) We will make sure he is taken care of.

Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit


Re: athena 80cc reed valve kit

garvan, you probably will want to read the 'sachs C/D debate' thread on the general forums right now. i'm not sure, but i think the jug will have to be decked in order for it to work correctly, if its going on that columbia commuter of yours.

btw. the columbia frame cant handle the power, i know from experience.

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