Air filter

any one know an air filter that will work on a honda pa50II. i have a sorta custom intake its the tube that comes w/ a 70cc metrakit the OD is about 24mm.

Re: Air filter

you can make an airbox out of metal yourself just give it some distance from the carb throat and the filter or screen so that the fuel fog stays suspended and doesnt just make a wet filter or screen.

Re: Air filter

oh come on wari, a pa50 blow fuel out the carb? never. i just dont buy it.


Re: Air filter

all 2 strokes do it it is called intake reversion and it is not like blowing fuel out of the carb it is actually atomized fuel mist that pops out. it is because when the intake port closes the rushing charge has no where to go so it backs up a bit and that is where the fuel fog comes from.

Re: Air filter

that was sarcasam hun,

the PA50's are terrible for puking fuel, especially if their reeds are a little worn out. them and those damn expresses are both really bad. something about honda reeds.. maybe its 'cause they are huge.

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