Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

i ordered a dellorto carb 16.16 lever choke

i have rear 22 sprocket

and a restricted biturbo exhaust

what other upgrades can i do to help my top speed and overal performance thanks

and why do jets come in so many different sizes from like 40-100

whats the difference?


please help me out

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

biturbo makes restricted pipes? weird. you might try derestricting your restricted pipe.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

i typed it wrong my pipe is unrestricted. i took the baffle and the little pipe on the end off. its louder but it gave more gains

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

i think you need to learn more about your moped before you work on it any more

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max



you're such an asshole dean, how dare you tell people to learn stuff instead of just helping them sieze/blow up/ wreck their bike!

jet sizes dont really mean anything, they are just crazy numbers. i couldnt imagine why there are so damn many of them.


Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

To get the right jet size, divide your weight by 2, and then round up to the next avialable jet size. If your looking for extreme speed, just put in the size jet that matche the speed you are looking for. 100 jet size = 100 miles per hour.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max


Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

is that how ur stok tomas doez 75 mp/h! lol!!1!

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

John Joedicke /

Get a 58,60 and 62 jet and work down doing plug chops. 60 probably will work for you in Virginia with no problem. You must up jet as the OEM is only a 53. Higher number larger jet.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

You don't give any info on what cylinder you currently have ect, nor your definition of "max". For example, you could weld and machine the crank case halves, stick on a 75cc cylinder, 21mm carburetor, simonini exhaust and a hpi ignition. That would be pretty close to "to the max" Then you could balance and modify the clutches, port the cylinder and adjust the gearing. That should run you around $600 or so in parts, but with the right final tuning could be one of the fastest tomos in the states.

Jets control how much fuel go into your engine, if make the engine flow better or require more fuel you'll have to install a larger # jet. Exhausts, air filters, carburetors, bore kits, all of these will require a larger jet. The correct size jet is important also, too small and you'll run lean (lose power, run hot, and possible engine damage) too big and the engine will run rich (lose power, foul plugs, excessive carbon).

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

hahahahahahahahahahahahha that was great. hmm... so i'm lookin at gettin a 72 jet haha. yea rightttttttttt, that was creative

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

he did say what engine he was working with. the subject reads tomos a35. Your 16mm carb wont do a single thing until you get a bigger intake manifold. Your intake is only 12mm. you have a number 53 jet in your 14.12 carb. I'd put anywhere from around 55-58 jet size. You do need to learn some shit though, before asking dumb questions on here and have everyone make fun of you. It was too easy to make fun of you because you don't know anything about mopeds. But that is what this site is here for. Go to articles, and read all the articles, and then go to the wiki and read a bunch of shit in there, and if you still have questions do a search for shit you want to know. I'm going to go order that 95 jet now, so I can do 95 on the interstate.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

Sure its an A35 block, but he could be running the stock cylinder, ported stock cylinder or a 60-65-70cc bore kit.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

He could just put a 125cc Honda clone engine on...

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

ight fucken dickhead bitches dat say i ont know shyt. fuck yall niggas i hope u go down a hill and break everybody parts= in 18 different places and get your balls cought on the chain and have your faces ran over.

the others that actually gave me tips and didnot act like complete stuck up moped nerds dat beat off allday, and dat actually gave me some helpful info. thanks

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

Calm down kiddo.

You set yourself up for reactions like that because you are obviously a noobie. We all were at one time.

Again, calm down.

Someone said you need a larger intake to really get anything from your new carb. They are right.

Research gearing too. Sprockets of different sizes can really improve your bike.

And chill out with the nigga shit... nobody wants to hear that stupid shit.

Good luck with your Tomos.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

BootyClap Ninja / live in Lorton?

Damn, I live right down the street from you then.

South County much?

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

lol my bad for getting all pissed off and shyt. its not that im a moped noob or what not. iv actually owned like 3 tomos,2 pocketikes and shyt.i know sum what to get me by. i dont know every little peice but i get around.

my simple question was what can i do dat doesnot take over thousands of dollars to complete.

to make my moped fast and have better pick up and speed.

i have a 2002 tomos lx a 35.

stock motor

i put in a new reedvalve

22 rear sprocket

took off the baffle off the biturbo

ordered a dellorto 16

gas filter

what else can i do other than a 70cc kit

btw where can i find the intake for my new carb at?

and a cheap 70cc kit dat doesnot grinding or huge werk.

because my friend has a airisal 64 or 67cc kit and he installed it himself.

please help and once again my bad for getting all pissed off and shyt.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

The intake for the 16mm carb is the tough part. I've heard that there's a 16mm intake for the "Raptor" A35 kit... somewhere on line. I've yet to find a place to order it... as soon as I find a 15 or 16mm intake that uses the stock reeds, you can bet, I'll buy it.

TreatsHQ on Ebay is gonna have a cheap kit for your tomos...

The rest of your setup sounds pretty good actually... maybe try a better exhaust pipe than the Bi-Turbo...

Good luck.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

bi turbos come with restrictors???? sounds fishy, did u take off the silencer???

dean your an asshole i'm an asshole too

if you don't know what different number jets do i think you should read up on 2 stroke performance if you want to get "real" speed from any of your pocket/tomos bikes.

the reason people on this forum snap at questions like that is because it is assumed that everyone in performance section knows the answers to them. If the performance section was clogged up with posts about what jets do or, should i get a 14:12 or a 15:15 carb then it would make the section useless for real performance talk.

read up on your bike and why the parts work certain ways and you won't even have to post on this forum to figure out how to get fast, the forum is mostly opinion with a few good threads of solid information. search for those threads and extract all the info you can, also keep in mind who writes what as non of our advice is moderated.

btw the different jet number refer to the size of the hole, bigger numbers are bigger holes. stock bikes come with jets in the 50-60 range, polini bikes usually run 80s-90s, 70-80cc kits can run up in to the 130's its all relative to your setup.

the size of the hole determines how much gas goes into your carb, you want the right amount of gas depending on how much air your engine can intake.

the process of finding the correct jet size for any given bike setup is a step in "tuning"

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

anyways thanks btw all ya moped fans i got the perfect song me and my band made a while back cuz we all got peds. lol

check it out!!!

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i also have a tomos and what i did was i used everything stock as far as the top end was concerned.i used a carb drill and opened the main jet with a # 72 drill.i took off the square box at the end of the round air filter part that fits in the frame.i used a biturbo pipe. i put a heavy duty chain on it.i am at 215# and it will go about 52MPH....if u leave the guts out of the biturbo pipe.u will burn up the needs a little back pressure to run right.if u want u could take the instulation off the slincer and put the end back in the pipe if u like the loud sound.hope this helps

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

BS. theres no way a bike with only that done could do that speed. maybe if u geared the hell out of it and were going down a huge hill.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

come to roanoke,va and ill race u.and show u what my stock bike will do.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

the only stock bike i believe that goes 50 is shaw's beast.

but its pretty modified stock

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

im smelling bs, theres no way an a3 or a35 with everything stock cept the chain a drilled jet and a biturbo can do 50+ if you geared it up u mite be able to reach that after a long straight away but not without gearing.

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

an mb5 mite do 50 cause its 4 or 5 spd

Re: Tomos a 35 upgrades to the max

enob - you're full of shit.

Sorry. You aint' hittin' 50 with that setup.

I don't care how fast it FEELS.

No fucking way you're doin' 50.

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