Detail photos - 40T project

So finally my brother got here with his super-camera and took some shots for me.

What do I have here? Besides a motor in need of a magneto? Can anyone help me get specific so I can learn more about this bike?

The headlight is lowered like that as a mock-up - I want to use clip-ons or at the very least will mount drop bars, losing the fork covers and lowering the lamp seem to contribute to the look I'm desiring.

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Crap links don't work - hold on.

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Re: Detail photos - 40T project

It's because they're linked through Facebook.

Host them on, Photobucket or other similar site and they'll work.

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I suck at this. More tomorrow.

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darn no pickys. i will have to patiently wait i guess. i will have to get a picky of the orangy moby and post it also. just finished my snubber tho so there is a picky attached.


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Wari, those cutoffs are going to be famous one day.

What does the snubber do?

If you guys don't want to wait until tomorrow, just befriend me on facebook. The crackberry is going to shrink pics if I repost them from here...

And p.s. Its snowing in toronto. Melting on contact, but still. Maybe the old cheng shins get studs :)

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Hey, I'm in richmond hill, I was going to buy that ped :P

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wats asnubber, wiki says its basivcally for regulating current, urs looks like aballest resistor so i guess thats what it is

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a snubber is that spring thing that keeps the belt tension so the motor can swivel so the variator can variate. dunno what exactly itis called cause it seems like everyone has a different word for the darned thing.

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the snubber is the rubber part at the base of the spring mount she made that limits travel while not being a hard stop, it acts like a second spring with a really high spring rate. Keeps things from breaking. they are used in coil over suspension systems so poke your head under a wheel well to see what I'm talkin about

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damn 7 seconds, almost had you beat there

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mike i gave you a hard time the other day but youre not so bad. you have a nice moby, so we can be friends. i'd say ditch that headlight. i never like the look of the square ones on moby's. i think the squaredness doesnt match the natural round sexy contour that mobies generally exhibit. i have extra rounds in decent shape id send ya. besides that thats a slick lookin ped. paint-wise and aesthetically i wouldnt touch it.

other than that what are you looking to know? suppose i owe ya some help after toolin on ya the other day. lots of people here know a lot about mobys, and i know a little. ive recently become quite aquainted with some of their electrical system. i have an extra flywheel magneto i could probably yank off for ya too, if you wanted it. dont know if its the same for a 76 50v and a 71 40T, but if you find out let me know.


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so what do you call the engine mount tension spring thingy then?

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engine tension spring.... lol

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sorry english as a third language. lol.

mike sorry i hyjacked your thread.

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nice snubber. what do you mount the non-engine end to? i'd like to see that when you get it all put together.

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So I just got a call from home and there's an inch of snow on the ground. (I post a lot of this stuff from the road, I drive a truck from Vaughan to Belleville and back overnight every night)



Steve - thanks for the kind words and I will take you up on your headlight and magneto. I guess you see why I want to keep the side covers ;)

Wari - I am in awe of you, hijack anytime.

I loved this bike the moment I saw it, Vova, I hope you find one as nice! Marshall did say someone else was interested.

Let's go for a cruise when its warmer and drier!

I'll post the pics properly when I get home and start with the questions.

Basically I want to know what I have and what's compatible so I can start taking things apart without the fear of breaking something I can't easily replace.

Except for the magneto issues she ran like a top, but I want to start making power.

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Lets try that again..

OK. so - what motor is this? what flywheels can I use? What variators can I use? What rear sprocket do I need?

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alright check everything out and see if that flywheel will work for ya. i dont really feel like shipping it if its not gonna work for you. also the headlights are gonna need to be cleaned up with some steel wool, and im not sure if the innards are tip-top (you can probably just put yours in there) and you might have to modify whatever yours mounts to to make it fit. not sure cause the bikes are a tad different. email me if you need the stuff.

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I was going to get it for my dad :P When I'm done my vespa we should ride in the spring!

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Guys I want to buy a new old stock (or used if I have to) stock variator for her, what's your advice? Year? 5/3 ball? Aftermarket? I'm keeping the stock pulley, ordered one from '77.

Phase 1 is going to be a simple clean and grease, a new carb and probably a ninja, and the variator.

I figure a solid stock power system is a better place to start, then at least I have a back up for when I build up something fast and finnicky.

Someone answered before that all I needed was a variator and a 54t rear sprocket, is this so? Obviously I need the puller tool as well..

Picked up a roll of shrink tubing from princess auto tonight, wiring soon. Going to use all black wires, judo style. Judo know what wire goes where, unless jou are me.

Re: Detail photos - 40T project

Go to princess auto next tuesday when they will have funky machining goggles that are excellent for driving goggles. they have 3 vent holes at the side so they neva fog up. Also use terminals on the zener diode and DO NOT solder a new wire to it cause they are finicky.

if you are not very heavy you can run between a 52 down to 48 tooth rear sprocket wif a stock front sprocket. i can run 48 cause i weigh nothing almost. i can make a pattern for you if you want a different sprocket you can use a drill press and simple tools to make stuff if you are handy.

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Wari - I weigh 150lbs soaking wet. Lets make a sprocket :)

I have a drill press and a little lathe with a home made milling head, will that do?

Thanks for the tip on the diode, wouldn't have thought of that.


Or maybe some ski goggles - my eyes tear up quick at high speeds.

Thought you were in the middle of BFN, do you have a princess auto near you? I pass the Whitby store daily on my route at work, so they see a lot of me.

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make a sprocket with a drill press

holy crap, you guys are desperate, just draw it up and send it to a lazer cutter, drilling individual teeth seems like a pain in the ass, and very hard to get right. i'm sure there are tons of different sprockets out there for motobecane, dont they use lielu wheels like a puch?

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srsly. use a puch rear sprocket.

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roger that. i have a smaller sprocket i dont know where it came from. but its definitely smaller than stock, and fits. should i use it since i as well am among the smaller-type (the perfect type for mopedding)?

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yeah u can buy 48tooth sprokets.

anywho, really the gearing is gonna depend on where u live, and what the traffic is like.

for example in SF its stop and go hills, a 48 on a stock moby is a death trap, a stock moby can't even hang on many greenways. cars will run u down as u try to accelerate from a light.

i don't even run a 48 on my 50+ bike due to the fact that i want the most acceleration possable, if it means i top out low 50's even with all that power then so be it, at least i can blast cars off the line.

if u ride over long distances with little or no stopping or many hills that will really slow you down then yeah go to the 48 or even a 44 (used to run the stock 40tl gear wen i got a variator, u get great gas milage)

the stock unit variator will fully function with these gears.

don't get a performance variator, unless u don't want to ever stop cuz they have no idle clutch functions and the ones that do have no starter clutch functions.

if u want to tune your variator, i'd recomend the mallossi vario plus its a replacement of the moving variator plate that comes with 6 rollor slots and 3 sets of different weighted rollers, u can't mix and match them but u can put only less than 6 in since the pattern is symetrical..yatta yatta...if u get one u can figure it all out.

they are $66 at treats hq

the bad thing is that u have to remove and rebuild the variator everytime u want to adjust the weights.

or u can do somthing crazy like wari will probably do and build the perfect variator from scratch.

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Elliot - I hear you with the gears. Practicality is an issue.

So if I want a varioplus I need a stock variator for a base?

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hey mobyman - we're not desperate, we're canadian. ;)

i know lasercutters but sheeit, i got all the stuff in the basement to do it by hand, so why not?

first I gotta buy a variator.

wanna sell me one?

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