polini peugeot variator REVIEW

lee's anus is leefungchowOG /

For 75$ you get 16 little washers. great.

the kit comes with the outside variator plate (identical to the stock one) and a cover that doesn't even bolt on without modification. the rest of your variator will be using your stock parts.

For about 2.00USD you can buy some tiny ass washers to make your own wieghts.

the kit does NOT allow for wieght changing without taking off the whole variator, which is a super bitch.

WORST 75 dollars EVER SPENT.


Re: polini peugeot variator REVIEW

man, that sounds retarded.

Re: polini peugeot variator REVIEW

Bummer, this guy?

Re: polini peugeot variator REVIEW

lee is gay and has a magnum, he rides puchs

but that does suck, just wait till i have to mount the malossi vario plus to the ratbecane the whole stock variator has to be disassembled and put back together to change the weights, in the new piece.

ahhh at that rate it will take weeks to get it perfect.

i'm gonna try and figure it out using math 1st, but that might be harder 4 me duhhhhh....

sux lee, does it even work

Re: polini peugeot variator REVIEW

yeah it works like stock variator, it IS A STOCK VARIATOR. it just say polini on it and comes with extra unaccesible weights. gay.

Re: polini peugeot variator REVIEW

The polini variator is a bargain basement performance part, and like the var-plus for moby's, allows you to change the weighting in your stock variator without too much hacking. But, offers only slight improvement.

You can do the same thing with a stock vaiator my removing the weights and chopping bits off of them progressively. I started on my Peugeot, but i still need to take more off and tune it with the tach.

Re: polini peugeot variator REVIEW

yeah, this one does NOT allow weight change easily.

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