Moby 40 progressing... questions

Oh, the fun. Rewiring. New parts "packed", hurry up 1977 and USPS. I have no patience. ;)

Mocked up my surplus black Brooks New Swallow. It's ON. Seatpost shopping now.

Needs / questions:

- what fork? How about that Kinetix? How tall is it? Anyone?

- what variator / pulley?

- what pedals (to go with shorty cranks from 77 and a Ninja G3)

- what the hell is up with the plug wire, it was all charred and gross at the coil side when I removed it, how is it supposed to go together?? It just doesn't seem right.

- I need a kickstand?

- Pedal / Pulley shaft play - how much is supposed to be there? Methinks I need a washer / circlip or two.

I lost my camera, I guess I'd better get a new one. I now have an AIM account. Just because of you people. My 'screen name' or whatever is mike alanko.

Off to the city, hell, it's Friday. Well, Saturday for me. Bloody night shift.

Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions

Get a back wheel stand they are the best. prolly have to make one tho. bedal pulley play means new bearings down there or the cotter pin thingy on the pedal.

Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions

too many q's no time to answer it all.

dude do some searches on the performance forum about mobys spend a couple hours all the answers are there, then when u have a more specific q ask away man.

also b4 u start asking queastions about what parts to make ur bike faster, ask ur self what u want to accomplish with this bike.


stock speed?


hill power?




Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions

Eliot, sorry, that was a bit of a babble.

I'm interested to make the bike reliable as possible: good for long and short trips, repeated heat/cool cycles, cold starts, loaded touring, etc.

I'm planning on a variator, possibly clutch pulley, at this point sold on a ninja G3 and a dellorto 15/15.

I'd like to keep it pedal start, hoping I won't have clearance issues with the pipe.

As for the fork, I'd love to replace it with something as bolt-on as possible, but ideally shorter and definetly stronger than stock.

Regarding the plug wire - what is the correct interface between the wire and coil? I found a 3mm charred section at the end in there, I'm thinking something must be missing.

Wari - yes - I was thinking about an extended axle that I could suspend in a jig for work - I saw a similar thing on a Buell last month- but I need a stand for parking too.

I want to take it to work, shopping, maybe to the cottage, downtown, backroads, all over.

Its got 4009kms - that's nothing, right?

I don't want to be stranded, but I don't want to be too too slow.

Hopefully that clears it up.


Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions

Mike, look at some old old vintage bikes, they have a way cool stand that is part of the bike that is similar to the axel jig but narrower, they fold up to the back of the fender when not in use and work to just get your wheel off the ground by being between the wheel and the ground when you are parked on it. this will also give you more room to hang a goo pipe under the engine because you wont have a center stand to get passed AND you can still pedal your ass off to start like usual.

the plug wire was finding a short to the ground where you have the charred part so maybe you have a crack in the coil there. you can use some dielectric paste on the wire when you replace it and it will help prevent any shorting. i got a cool wire from a lawnboy that works good on the orange moby. it is marked NGK and is slim enough to plug right into the coil without cutting the shielding at all.

Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions

Wari, I know the stands you mean - good call.

I have a new coil on order, but to totally eliminate the potential for another problem I want to make sure I have the right wire. What should I be looking for?

The old OMC lawnboys were the best - the Peterborough ones anyway. I bet there's still some 2-stroke know how retired in that town. Seems the new ones just don't have the same 'soul' to them...

Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions

the special red wire that comes stock on the moby is nice cause it kinda screws into the spark plug cap and the coil. i ditched mine, you can get lengths of spark plug wire at a hardware shop, auto parts shop, most likely lawnmower shop, soulful or not. Then theres just a little needle in your igny coil that you poke it into. Yea, doesnt seem like the best connection, but its fine. Just regularly make sure its in firmly, or use some electrical tape to hold the thing in. then get a new NGK plug cap and the wire will screw into that so you wont have to worry about that coming loose.

Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions

Steve, no, on my coil there's a concave metal ended hole where the wire goes in. On the plug cap side there is the pin you speak of, this is what I was expecting to find at the coil too, but no. Hopefully my new coil is better.

Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions

I like old old old stuff like our lawn mower i attach a picky of it its a plymouth18 and you have to wrap a cord around the pulley and pull fast enough to get it out of the way when the engine catches or it will grab the cord out of your hand. you also get a shock from it to shut it down there is a bale wire to ground out the spark plug for an off switch.

actually the wires go into the coil like the old old lawnboys they are just stabbed by the pin in the coil and the cap thing just reefs it in there


Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions


Re: Moby 40 progressing... questions

but what you really want is this

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