Round VS Square intake on PUCH

Why are some round and some square? Does one work better for the gas air flow. It seems the 2 speeds are the square more often. Is it best to match square with square and round with round? I'm planning on putting the 16 dellorto on a Korado engine. The korado intake hole is about a 16 and round. The dellorto is square. I think I'm going to grind out the dellorto intake to make it match. what do you all think? what will perfom best?

Re: Round VS Square intake on PUCH

match it up for sure, and roughen it up a little bit after that (helps with like atomizing the gas and shit)

Re: Round VS Square intake on PUCH

cool, thats what I'm going to try to do. the only thing is that the square intake is a bit wider in places so it won't be exact. it will like a square with a circle ground into it, so the flow might not be super smooth but maybe this will be good for the atomizing of gas and shit.

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