Kitted Garelli setup advice

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I have a garelli SS that has a polini lying in wait. Just got in my tecno estoril pipe. need a intake/carb/jets.

I saw a 19mm intake on mopedcafe and a 20mm thats currently sold out @1977. Does that extra mm make a ton of a difference in

performance? And what carb should i use if i would use either intake? And I would also like to get an idea of the jet i should be


Im learning the best i can hands on from what i have read. And i have been trying to school myself on all the resources available

here. I want to do this right but I have yet to really experience a ped without problems that is an actual "ready to ride" condition.

Re: Kitted Garelli setup advice

go with either intake and match it to that size carb if possible.

Re: Kitted Garelli setup advice

They are one in the same. Your talking about the intake on this page and the one at Moped Cafe listed as 19mm Polini Air Intake for Garelli, Minarelli. These are both Polini intakes. To be honest. It really measures out to about 18.5mm. Its listed as a 20mm however. And thats why its called a 20mm by some shops and a 19mm by another.

You can use any 24mm clamp on carb. So either a 17mm Amal or any of the clamp on Dellorto PHGB's will fit. You can even use a PHGB (racing) with the rubber sleeve with this.

Re: Kitted Garelli setup advice

Oh well. That didn't work right. Anyway. As long as your looking at the Polini intake for Garelli and Minarelli, its the same manifold. Polini only made the one.

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