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So I just installed a Sito Plus performance exhaust on my Ciao, and was experiencing the rush of respectable speed (after languishing in muffler choked hell for several months), when I installed a Dellorto 13:13 carb. Being the silly novice I am, I neglected to notice that I had purchased it with a 66 jet, making the mix WAY too rich. I was wondering if anyone has a recommendation on what jet size I should buy so I can get back out on the roads. I was thinking about buying a performance air filter also, so I was considering a 55 jet? I live in Berkeley, so the weather is very temperate, doesn't seem like that should be a big factor. Any help is appreciated!

Re: Ciao Jetting

Jets are cheap, and you will need more than one to get it right. I think you are right about the range though so get a handfull in the fifties. Check out this good post on getting a sito exhaust to work.


Re: Ciao Jetting

He was running the stock carb tho so you will propably need a bigger jet of course, and start with your highest of course, maybe a 60.

Re: Ciao Jetting

Thanks for the advice, I just ordered some jets, we'll see how it works out.

Re: Ciao Jetting

I have the same set up but with the high flow filter and run the 66. It runs fine but I'm a novice too.

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