My 1986 Yamaha Jog

This bike has no really good body parts, but it runs like hell, I started it up, wasn't expecting much, but It took off like a bat outta hell, I raced my uncles 2003 Honda Metro It's a well kept machine, I beat him up and down a hill! If anyone knows where to get some body parts plz let me know @


Re: My 1986 Yamaha Jog

you should go to the buy/sell forum

this is the performance tuning forum

you can get every part you need from Yamaha or

but it will be real expensive .

look on ebay for used parts ...much cheaper that way

Re: My 1986 Yamaha Jog

Cleats Onionpockets /

The other thing to try would be a scooter forum. What you have is a scooter, not a moped. It might be registered as a moped, but it doesn't have pedals. All you will get from here on out is abuse.

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