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ok so what's with all this oil crap? I've been following the mopeds manual suggestion since I got it (a few months ago) and it seems fine. It's my first moped. It's from the late 70's and suggests 20:1 I haven't switched to synthetic because I heard it might mess with things. What about the brand and ratio though? I just got some stuff at OSH and so far so good it's for two strokes and comes with a built in measuring cup for different ratios. so.... should I mess with it? with I get better performance? my low end sucks balls and I just put on a homoet 4p and I'm getting a bigger carb and intake....

Triumph "Easy Rider"?! coool!

Nice bike! Do I read that frame right? "Triumph"? and nice yellow paint to boot! A friend of mine has an old 125cc (i think) two stroke thumper triumph.

Manual reccomendations vary from brand to brand but from what I've read and seen on here and elsewhere 32:1 seems to be the standard for two-stroke engines, and its possible to go as lean as 40:1 with synthetic on mopeds. You will want to be careful tho and lean it slowly and see how it does, since your manual recommends so rich a mix, If it's that Haynes manual pictured tho, you are prolly safe going leaner. Any labels on your bike/frame/tank/cap show mix? I don't know your bike, maybe someone that has one can chime in.

Synthetic is only bad during the break in period cause it's _too_ slippery, your bike is probably well broken in so you should be able to switch to synthetic no worries. It also smokes less, as does a leaner pre-mix.

What kind of oil is that comes with a measuring cup?

Also about your low-end, the homeoet is a high-end pipe, http://www.mopedarmy.com/wiki/Puch_Exhausts so it will have power at high rpm when you are already going fast and make you go faster, but the low end on it sucks from what it says here, i don't know if it's worse than stock then it's a trade off, but the carb and intake might help it and balance it out.

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Ditch the 20:1., robbing your power and making your engine a sticky, carbony mess on the inside. Go out and pick up a quart of full synthetic, mix it 50:1 and call it done. Some quality brands that come to mind are Motul, Spectro, and Amsoil. I used to run Spectro in the blue bottle at 50:1 and never had a problem. Golden Spectro is super thick but supposed to be good. I've seen an engine drop a bearing running it, though that may have been caused by outside circumstances. Lots of people swear by Motul, I tried the 750 line and was not disappointed, but not impressed either. Kinda smokey. Currently, I run Amsoil Saber at 75:1, have been for more than a year. The bottle recommends that you ignore your MFG instructions and run 100:1, but I haven't got the sack. Seen it done though, long period runs, like a year, no seizure, no dropped bearings. To sum things up, any synthetic at 50:1 should be perfectly fine and will certainly run better.

Re: Triumph "Easy Rider"?! coool!

thanks, I have the original manual that came with the bike. It's a NVT (Norton Viller Triumph) "easy rider". It has a Motori Franco Morini engine. I don't remember the name of the oil but it has this weird cup built into the bottle and you squeeze the bottle and it fills the cup.

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sweet thanks, I'll look into getting some

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ps. that's 2.6oz to a gallon

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