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I just got my first moped, a 79' Magnum MKII. It runs and that makes me happy. It tops out at about 20mph. I know absolutely nothing about tuning or performance parts. I've read about a million post on polini vs. metrakit. Somebody enlighten me, if I wanted to spend some money, what's the best set-up for my moped? Do I really need to buy anything?Where can I get the best deals if I do? Is this something that I can do myself? Thanks for the help.

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With some study you can do it. I would suggest the Polini with 15mm carb and a mild pipe like Bi-turbo or Bullet. Still lots of power but less apt to sieze it with that tuning

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Agreeing with Steve here. This is a tested setup. Also three of the easiest parts to get for any moped.

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I would also suggest find out why your bike is only running 20mph. It could be a 1hp, but I doubt it. It should go about 25-30 with out trouble. Get it running up to speed stock before you modify it. Good luck!

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I.R.E. Mike Pee /

An MKII should be doing 30 stock. Hit up Fred's Guide break>

Get it running well stock, then try to upgrade from there. Be prepared to ditch the oil injection system as it will be no use with a kit, and should probably be removed anyways. I'm taking it off of my 81 mganum MKII right now.

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If you want to kit it, make sure it's running well stock. Tune gearing and your carb first to make sure that you don't have something really fucked up in your case before you throw a kit on that bitch. It's not likely that something is messed up, but it's a good idea and will get you more familiar with the bike anyways.

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cloggy exhaust

cloggy jet

bad fuel filter

no transmission oil

shot spark plug

four most common problems to a newly rescuitated bike. the rings could also be shot. kitting requires a lot more tuning expertise than it does mechanical expertise to get running right. Dont do it untill you understand your bike fairly well.

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