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so i am currently running a 13x45 on my maxi. i decided that i wanted to see what would happen if i switched things up a bit to get more top speed.

i was wondering if there is any preference by people on here on which sprocket to replace. should i up the front 13 to a 15 or so or down the back to a 38 or 40?

i ask that partially wondering which one is gonna be easier to replace.

Re: easier sprocket

I'd say the rear one.

I replaced my stock 45 on the back of my 78 Magnum with a 38 tooth.

I was AMAZED at the change in my top end. It was better than having a performance pipe. I think it added at least 4-5 mph....easily.

However....my takeoff speed was cut down significantly. I'm only 5'9" 150....so it still does ok....especially now that I dropped a Polini on that bitch. But before when I just had a good pipe and not kit, it was slow. Once I hit the power band, things were good.

I'm actually interested now in dropping to a slightly smaller sprocket in front. I've actually heard it's easier to do the front sprocket. It took me no less than 15 minutes to put my new rear sprocket on. The long part was cutting off 4 links of chain.......

Re: easier sprocket

thanks for the advice. i have a homoet 4p on it right now so im hoping that will help with the take off. i just ordered a 38 piece off the bay.

Re: easier sprocket

I think the front is easier. Only a snap ring holds it on. I've gone from a 14 to a 16 in the front, and the acceleration loss wasn't b ad.

Re: easier sprocket

Always change the front unless you are looking for a ratio you can not attain without changing the rear.

Front = pull a snap ring swap sprockets install a longer chain

Rear - pull the wheel off remove the 6 bolts that hold the old one on reinstall the wheel...

When you are messing around with gearing ratios I find it is easiest to run 2 master links. Run a small section of chain and a large section of chain. That way you can have like 5 different lengths of small chain to swap into the larger one to get all the lengths you might need.


13/45 - .29

13/40 - .33

to get close to that 40 rear tooth you can go with

15/45 - .34

Re: easier sprocket

Cleats Onionpockets /

Kevin, with that ratio what speed were you getting? I mean, 13x45 must have had some crazy pull off the line, but it can't have topped out all that high.

Re: easier sprocket

I had 13 x 45 and had a top speed of 20 mph. Switched to 13 x 38 and now my top is 24-25. I did lose a significant amount of low end, but it doesn't take too long to wind up and I can still do reasonably well on hills. I think I am going to pop a 14 on the front as a final top speed fixer.

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