phbg tuning

On the 1977 site it says that the phbg is good for the advanced tuner does that mean these things are hard to get dialed in or are they fairly simple? I'm looking to replace the 14.12 to go along with my new kit.

Re: phbg tuning

It's a fairly involved carb to tune just right and a often people have a hard time dialing them in for there bikes. So I would go in with a little bit of caution. You have 3 jets that you might need to change(main, idle, starting/choke) to get the right performance.


Re: phbg tuning

Plan to spend an extra 40 bucks on Jets alone to get her dialed in.


Re: phbg tuning

Best carb! Spend the exta $$ and get the race, it's way easier to tune over the regular one.

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