puch tomos kits

i hate bringing this up again but if i put a puch airsal 70cc kit on my tomos

A: can i just bore out the holes to make it fit

and B: would it run ok if i used the piston port kit for the puch on the tomos. prob run faster top end rite?

also the airsal are straight cast bore rite?

Re: puch tomos kits

I don't know about the cylinder stud holes, you'll have to deal with that when you get the cylinder. Same goes for the head, you could use the tomos head or a 70cc high compression head. They might not be an issue at all. It should run fine, Reed valves help you with low end power and help stretch the powerband out some. It'll be faster than the stock cylinder, not sure how it would compare to the tomos airsal. Its probably nicisil plated aluminum. What kind of intake and exhaust are you planning on running?

Re: puch tomos kits

the stud holes are the same for both motors.

a puch piston skirt won't fit in a tomos motor with out modding the case.

Re: puch tomos kits

Dean has a hot magnamos. The mustache has to go though

Re: puch tomos kits

i plan on ordering the techno estroil exhaust, i heard its the best for my tomos. and the intake i was gonna make to what ever carb i decide on. i heard that a piston port engine can run a bigger carb. there for making more power rite? at this point i want to know if i should order the kit for the tomos which is the bike i have or get the puch version and fit it to mine there for making my tomos a piston port instead of reed valve. what gonna make more power and make me faster?

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