Im Thinking about buying a 2pc biturbo and cutting it and welding the header pipe to my pa50II header.Has any one done this and got good results? any other pipes that i can mod to fit without too much modification to the mounting brackets.

Re: Biturbo

Don't make the header pipe too short , or you'll lose some low end torque

Re: Biturbo

Many people here have said they're going to weld on a BiTurbo or some other pipe to their PA 50 II. (I think one of the Cutters was going to fabricate a Vespa pipe for their Hobbit????)

Some of them say they'll post pictures once it's done. This has never happened though.

But when I do it (or if I fail miserably) I'll post something.

It seems like it should work fine in my mind. And the pipe is cheap so you don't have to feel too bad if it doesn't work out.

Good Luck.

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